Parineeti / Priyanka Chopra’s cousin HOT Actress Barbie Handa / Mannara wiki, biography.

After Meera / Parineeti Chopra, Barbie Handa is another cousin of hot and sizzling “desi girl” Priyanka Chopra who has opted bollywood as a profession. She has been introduced in Anubhav Sinha’s ZID (28 Nov, 2014), co-starring Karanvir Sharma and Shraddha Das. In order to be hiking with the times, has now rechristened herself as Mannara. Mannara Chopra / Barbie Handa’s Biography Name: Barbie Handa… Read More »

Why wasting MILK on religious statues / stones… A Myth.

Hi Visitors, Before writing something about this controversial topic (Wasting milk on religious statues), I want to make it clear that I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling about their religion. I am a Hindu myself and proud of being 1. Just seen a facebook post which is requesting everybody to offer just a tablespoon… Read More »

Why ASKME is the BAAP of all applications… A honest review.

Hi Visitors, To tell you the truth, I don’t know how to write impressive / touchy lines about anything. Here, I’m just starting my blogging journey by presenting this ASKME app review. Here, I will discuss, Why ASKME is the BAAP (father) of all applications. Forgive me for any grammatical / spelling errors :-). I… Read More »