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Top & Best Bollywood Movies that questioned all the Indians

Must Watch Bollywood Movies List. After watching Kya Cool Hai Hum 3 & Mastizaade, We just thought about the future of this Indian Movie / Film Industry. People are just crazy to see Sunny Leone on the big screen, don’t they expect any appeal or message from the Movie. In our times, every single movie was… Read More »

How Much Educated Indian Politicians Are ? You will be Surprised !

Educated Indian Politicians, Have you ever thought about this 🙂 Actually, Indian Politicians have always been a part of numerous conspiracies due to their views and comments left over certain issues. These Certain moves by our politicians make us presume about them and their Educational Background. Fine, if anybody among you is really curious to… Read More »

Why INDIA rated / ranked as WORST country for women

Thomson Reuters Foundation, legal news service, launched a global opinion poll of gurus on the worst and best nations for women in the G20. Guidelines that advertise gender equality, precautions towards violence and exploitation and reach to health care make CANADA the best place for the woman among the world’s leading economies, while child marriage, infanticide and… Read More »

Truth / Reality about Narendra Modi’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” / “Clean India Mission”

Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan / Clean India Mission TRUTH. Dusty lanes, unsealed gutters, lack of sanitation and hygiene and of course, the ever growing garbage appears to be a very big issue in India. To solve the issue, on 2nd October 2014 our Honorable PM Mr Narendra Modi launched the country’s biggest ever cleanliness… Read More »

Why wasting MILK on religious statues / stones… A Myth.

Hi Visitors, Before writing something about this controversial topic (Wasting milk on religious statues), I want to make it clear that I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling about their religion. I am a Hindu myself and proud of being 1. Just seen a facebook post which is requesting everybody to offer just a tablespoon… Read More »