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How to Hide or Unhide AppLock Icon [Solved]

It’s always a serious matter of concern for most of the people, who cares for their privacy and hence wants to limit the access of other people to their Smartphones. As it’s not possible for most of the people to deny the sharing of their Smart Phones with others, they have to think about other… Read More »

Top 10 UC Browser Tricks & Tips on Android – iOS – Windows Phone

Although the list about available internet browsers for mobile devices is very big, there are only 3 or 4 browsers out of them used most widely. UC browser resides in the widely used mobile internet browser category. Community loves UC browser for its simplicity & surfing speed. If we talk about the UC browser, this… Read More »

How to Open WhatsApp Obsolete / Outdated Version [Solved]

How to Open / Access WhatsApp Obsolete / Outdated Version [Solved] WhatsApp, the most popular / demanding Chat Application of the globe. Just imagine if you were unable to access / open WhatsApp Obsolete / Outdated Version, actually that feels worst. Normally, everybody gives the excuse about their busy schedule, if they were unable to complete… Read More »

Indian Railway Time Table Offline – Using RailTime App

Undoubtedly, Railway is the cheapest, most used and preferred method of transportation in INDIA. Daily, the countless people uses railways to move here and there. Starting from rich to the poor, men to the women, child to the old, student to the professional, railway is the preferred mean of transport for each and every category… Read More »

How to Find – Delete Duplicate Photos in Mobile Phones

Although, the mobile phones now a days comes with large storage capacity, still everybody is worried about the free space available in the phone. They never understand, why the space is getting occupied so rapidly. People having the technical knowledge about the whole happenings are easily getting out of this, what about the people who… Read More »