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Life is always unpredictable, you don’t even know, what tomorrow is holding for you. Enjoy each and every moment of your life to the fullest by reading Santa Banta, Husband-Wife, Teacher-Student, Girlfriend-Boyfriend etc Funny Jokes in Hindi / Hinglish.

Teacher Student Funny Jokes in Hindi – Latest SMS / Chutkule 2019

In the process of trainning anybody, there were many funny moments which creates a lot of laughters. If we talk about the teacher student relationship, with a big age diference and natural innocence of the student, the invention of very funny jokes is reasonable under these circumstances. Believe or not, once you go through with… Read More »

Very Funny Jokes in Hindi – Latest SMS / Chutkule 2019

Very funny jokes in Hindi is the most searched “TERM” over the internet all around the globe. By reading the latest fresh jokes in hindi, you can actually relieve any kind of unknown stress with the laughs. In addition, the jokes can prove to be a great stress busters and may also help to ease any… Read More »

Husband Wife Funny Jokes in Hindi – Latest SMS / Chutkule 2019

In the absense of any barrier in communication, the husband wife relationship is one of the most happening affair between two individuals. Nobody can make any kind of prediction about the environment among husband and wife, sometime it looks like lovely or fantastic and the other time it may turn into terrible or scary. Nothing… Read More »

Santa Banta Jokes in Hindi – Funny SMS / Chutkule 2019

Santa Banta (Santa Singh & Banta Singh) are the very famous Fictitious comedy characters. According to a Pubjabi News Paper & many other reputed sources, the name Santa is derived from “Satwant Singh” and the name Banta from “Beant Singh”, who were actually responsible for Smt. Indira Gandhi (former Indian Prime Minister) death. Well, we… Read More »