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Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Name / Age / BoyFriend in Viral Video Latest News

Last Night we receive the Controversial “Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Viral Video” at one of our social media profile. To tell you the truth, we were completely shocked after watching the actions and expressions shown in the viral video, by the showcased 4 girls with the official “isme tera ghata” song’s audio in the… Read More »

How to Download or Save Own / Other’s Instagram Story [Solved]

We guess most of the people are fully aware with the newly introduced Instagram stories feature. For those who doesn’t have any idea about Instagram story feature, below is the complete explanation. What is Instagram Stories ? [Explained] Instagram has labelled its newly introduced story feature which lets their users to share each and every… Read More »

How to View Full Size Instagram Profile Picture of Anybody [Solved]

Same like the Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is another popular social media platform to share the pictures or videos, publicly or privately. You can follow others Instagram users to get updates about latest shared image or video by them. By default, when you join Instagram your account is set to public. This simply means that… Read More »

How to Block any Contact or Group on WhatsApp [Solved]

From the time of its launch, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the top performing messaging app in its class. Like all other social messaging applications, anybody can connect with you anytime. On WhatsApp, you just need the contact number of the other person to get connected with him. You never have to wait for the request approval… Read More »