CCC Sample Question Answers for Practice – True / False – SET-B

Note: This CCC True/False Question Answer Paper (SET-B) consist of total 50 questions with the answers highlighted in BOLD-RED. You can anytime check the complete answer keys for this CCC true false question paper at page no 2 of this post.

CCC Sample Question Answers for Practice ( True / False). SET-B.

ccc question answers true false
CCC Exam True False Questions with Answers. SET B.

Ques 1- Default number of decimal points can be changed with the Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal buttons. (True/False)

Ques 2- “To have Microsoft Excel always use a specific currency symbol, change the currency symbol selected in Regional Settings in Control Panel before you start Excel.” (True/False)

Ques 3- The name of a cell or range can be same as the cell/range reference. (True/False)

Ques 4- A WAN covers a large geographic distance, such as a state, a country, or even the entire world. (True/False)

Ques 5- A MAN covers a limited grographic distance, such as an office, building, or a group of buildings in close proximity to each other. (True/False)

Ques 6- Bandwidth refers to the capacity of the communications line. (True/False)

Ques 7- The spelling and grammer check can only be done for the selected text or entire document. (True/False)

Ques 8- A table can contain any number of rows. (True/False)

Ques 9- Print button on standard toolbar in Word will print the entire document using the default settings. (True/False)

Ques 10- Gridlines do not print when a document is printed. (True/False)

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Ques 11- Audio Output device can output only music. (True/False)

Ques 12- “If your text exceeds the size of the placeholder, Microsoft Power-Point reduces the font size and line spacing incrementally as you type, to make the text fit.” (True/False)

Ques 13- Change case command is used to change the capatalization of a sentence. (True/False)

Ques 14- The pace of social life is increased with almost every technology advancement and computers have contributed a lot to this. (True/False)

Ques 15- The more computer systems are becoming easy-to-use with their argonomical designs and user-friendly software. (True/False)

Ques 16- ROM is a volatile memory. (True/False)

Ques 17- A system that can process two or more programs is called Multiprogramming. (True/False)

Ques 18- The channel with the greatest bandwidth is called broadband. (True/False)

Ques 19- The essential features for the TCP/IP protocol involve identifying, sending and receiving devices, and reformatting information for transmission across the Internet. (True/False)

Ques 20- The set of rules that governs data transmission is called prototype. (True/False)

Ques 21- A TCP converts text-based addresses to numeric IP addresses. (True/False)

Ques 22- On a network, a server can be a node. (True/False)

Ques 23- ROM is a Permanent memory. (True/False)

Ques 24- All attachment are safe and saved. (True/False)

Ques 25- It is possible to send a worm or virus over the Internet using in attachment. (True/False)

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Ques 26- You can only send one attachment per e-mail message. (True/False)

Ques 27- There is only one way to delete a message. (True/False)

Ques 28- The Delete key is for deleting text, it will not delete messages from your inbox. (True/False)

Ques 29- Pressing the Delete key and clicking the Delete button produce the same result. (True/False)

Ques 30- Windows 7 is a single user multitasking operating system. (True/False)

Ques 31- Windows provide GUI and multitasking features. (True/False)

Ques 32- The bar at the top of a window is called application bar. (True/False)

Ques 33- In a computer system, related documents are normally stored in the same file. (True/False)

Ques 34- The operating system is often referred to as the software environment or platform. (True/False)

Ques 35- In Outlook, you must store all of your messages in the inbox. (True/False)

Ques 36- Computers with tremendous processing, storage, display and remote communications capabilities are available on desktop and palmtop models. (True/False)

Ques 37- Despite the increasing popularity of computers, there are many misconceptions about them. (True/False)

Ques 38- Digital computers are used for analyzing, strong data, making calculations and controlling machinery. (True/False)

Ques 39- The processors today are very powerful with capabilities to process up to tens of millions of instructions per second. (True/False)

Ques 40- New folders must all be at the same level. (True/False)

Ques 41- LANs can be connected to other LANs using a gateway. (True/False)

Ques 42- The Internet is an example of a LAN. (True/False)

Ques 43- The primary difference among LAN, WAN and MAN is the geographic range. (True/False)

Ques 44- In a LAN environment a network gateway device can connect several groups even if their configurations are different. (True/False)

Ques 45- “To insert a header or footer in a worksheet, select Header and Footer option in the File menu.” (True/False)

Ques 46- You can serch for a file in windows even if you know only part of the file name. (True/False)

Ques 47- “When you hide a slide it remains in your file, even though it is hidden when you run the presentation.” (True/False)

Ques 48- When you connect to the Internet, your computer is communicating with a server at your Internet Service Provider (ISP). (True/False)

Ques 49- Mainframes are computers that excel at executing many different computer programs at the same time. (True/False)

Ques 50- Computer forensics is the application of computer systems and techniques to gather legal evidence. (True/False)

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