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How to Utilize Free WiFi Hotspot in Android Mobile Phones

Operating the mobile device using Android Operating system is always a great fun for everybody. Although, there are many inbuilt features inside the Android Operating system, people are just aware with 30% of them. In fact, it’s very very normal if you discover a new feature daily, out of this great mobile operating system. Now… Read More »

How to Enable Android Safe Mode – Complete Easy Guide

We hope all of you are aware of the Safe Mode option in Windows Operating System, where we get into this mode, to remove unwanted Software’s or processes. Now, what about the Android Operating System, does this too have any Safe Mode option. We know many of you are confused with their answers as they… Read More »

Battery Saver Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

If we talk about the early days, People were so happy with their java based phone as they never feel worried about the battery life of their java phones. Now a days, in the AGE of Smart Phones, every body is worried about their battery life. Actually there are so many functions in today’s Mobile… Read More »

How to Change Android Default Apps for any File or Action

First of all you have to know that, Android is the most loved and popular mobile platform on this planet. There are many reasons for its popularity, but lying within the reach of a common man is the main reason for its popularity. If we talk about the appearance, we had seen many uneducated individuals running… Read More »

How to Hide Files in Google’s Android System / Phone

In this MODERN World, near about 77% of the population owns any of the Mobile Phone. Out of this 77% of the population, in accordance to some sources, 42%-45% people use Android devices. We also has seen somewhere, that 96% of the all new smart-phones sold are either Android phones or iPhone. Well, leave all… Read More »