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What is a Hashtag? – How to Use – Benefits in Social Media

Today, we are starting with a situation, where anybody is willing to express his / her thoughts about any particular topic, to the interested bunch of people out of hundreds. Just imagine if you are standing in a crowded hall, where the hundreds of people are taking part in different discussions related to unemployment, politics,… Read More »

How to Save Facebook Videos – Links – Posts for Later View

Have you ever thought about the important Facebook Posts, you daily miss due to the busy schedule or time allowance. Here, we are talking about the stuff, which you actually wants to check but the time never permits you to check it. And when you have the free time, you keep searching to find the… Read More »

How to Update Facebook Status Using Fake iPhone 6s Device

Although, we always have to be satisfied with whatever the GOD has given to us, still many times there were emotions inside the body to get more and more. Same applies in the case of Smartphones too, people always wants to have the expensive and the latest model in their hands, they don’t even care… Read More »

Why You Should Not Buy Samsung Android Smartphones

Samsung Smartphones Review Samsung, One of the biggest name, if anybody is talking about the electronics. They comes with the vast variety of the electronics products, from mobiles to the laptops, from LCD / LED to the refrigerators. Among all their products in the market, the mobile phones has been the talk of the town… Read More »