Why You Should Not Buy Samsung Android Smartphones

Samsung Smartphones Review
Samsung Smartphones Review

Samsung Smartphones Review

Samsung, One of the biggest name, if anybody is talking about the electronics. They comes with the vast variety of the electronics products, from mobiles to the laptops, from LCD / LED to the refrigerators. Among all their products in the market, the mobile phones has been the talk of the town or you can say the most popular. The reason for this big popularity of their mobile phones is, as they are covering almost every income class individual of the population. They starts the price range for their Smartphones from the 3K mark, which actually is attracting the lower income class commodity. On the other hand, they are offering 25K+ Smartphones to the upper income class commodity. In simple word, they have everything for everybody πŸ™‚ .

Here, we want to ask you a question, Do you have any guess about the people, who think about the brand name prior to purchase anything. Well, you will be surprised with the answer, we have for this. Near about 80% of the people cares for the brand name while purchasing anything. As Samsung is a big brand name, people are trusting them for that reason only, they never realized the hidden game going inside this Smartphone Industry. Always remember, Trust is never added next to the brand name πŸ™‚ .

In the interest of the low income class commodity, Samsung is offering the Android Smartphones for just INR 3K / $45 in INDIA. As we all know, the Android Operating System needs sufficient amount of RAM to run smoothly, and occupy the big space on the storage device. Do anybody know, what to do with their 3K price range Smartphone, with 512 MB Ram and 1 GB internal storage, will it only provide the basic functionality, is this has been declared somewhere in the manual of the phone. On the other hand, if we talk about their 25K+ Smartphones, do they worth for the same. Have you ever thought, why the iPhone people hasn’t released any of their 3K model ?. Once you gets the answer for that, you will automatically understand the logic, we are tying to explain here. Today we are here to discuss about, Why you should not buy the Samsung Android Smartphone. Below are some strong reasons / points in the support of our request.

1)- Poor Battery Life.

Mainly, the battery life of the phone depends on many different factors, number of installed apps, apps running in the background, usage of heavy themes in mobile etc etc. After applying all the battery saver tips too, Samsung Smartphones always fails to provide any acceptable battery life. We have seen the Samsung users always worried about their battery. Just google “samsung smartphones review” to check, what the internet community is saying about the battery life of Samsung Smartphones. To tell you the truth, this is the most worrying factor if you are planning to purchase any Samsung Mobile device, be extra careful about this.

2)- Regular Hanging of the Mobile.

This is another common problem, reported by the Samsung Smartphone user. For every here and there, they feels that the phone has been stucked somewhere. This problem is frequent while playing the heavy games. You can ignore this factor, if planning to purchase the Samsung Smartphone for basic use only OTHERWISE be careful and go for any better option.

3)- No Resale Value.

Now a days, nobody is keen to use their mobile devices for the longer period of the time. They use it for a short period and just resale it for the best price to get another. Normally, a person is ready to resale the item at 50% of the original price, and is acceptable too. Just imagine, if you bought any 25K+ range Samsung Smartphone and willing to resale it for near about 12K-13K. No way, you will never be able to get that much return out of the Samsung device as of its low resale value. The Samsung is the only brand which has the big BRAND name with small resale value, the reason still has to be researched πŸ™‚ . Here, you have to be very careful while searching for the best Smartphone, ignore this if you are planning to use the same Smartphone for its whole lifetime πŸ™‚ .

4)- Less Social Impact.

Just imagine, You have purchased any 25K+ Samsung Smartphone and nobody is asking you any questions, or requesting to give it in their hands. We don’t know the reason, but the Samsung Smartphones are very normal phones for majority of the population. On the other hand, in the case of any iPhone or Sony Phone, people will just snatch them from your hands, in addition there will be tons of questions from the people, about the cost and the new features of the phone. We hope, you are getting the hidden message inside these notes. You always have to understand that we always live for our social pride and status.

5)- Rapid Revisions in the Models.

In this modern world, everybody wants to have the latest technology in their hands. Just imagine the position of any 25k+ Samsung Smartphone user, who just bought it yesterday and the updated model for the same Smartphone is going to release tomorrow. Don’t you think, tomorrow he will be feeling disturbed of having the old model in his hands πŸ™‚ . Actually, this is directly effecting its social and resale values too as the next versions are coming very fast. On the other hand, the iPhone and Sony Phones also go through with these revision process, but they are doing it wisely and at the correct time.

Final Thoughts.

First of all we want to make it clear, that we don’t want to hurt anybody’s reputation. Here, we just have expressed our views about the Samsung Smartphones, which maybe wrong. If anybody have any strong point against the above one’s, share the same under the comments section below, as they may help many for making their decisions. That’s all we have for now. We will be back with more interesting reviews about the BIG BRAND names. Till then, Bye Bye. Stay Blessed and Shop Carefully πŸ™‚ .

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