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How to Update Facebook Status Using Fake iPhone 6s Device

Although, we always have to be satisfied with whatever the GOD has given to us, still many times there were emotions inside the body to get more and more. Same applies in the case of Smartphones too, people always wants to have the expensive and the latest model in their hands, they don’t even care… Read More »

How to Check If Somebody has Blocked You on Facebook Chat

Facebook, the giant of the social media platform, is widely used to share our daily happenings, pictures and videos with others. They also provide the Chat feature to its members, were the users can send and receive messages to any particular person in real time. If we talk about the privacy of this chat feature,… Read More »

How-To Post to Multiple Facebook Groups for FREE

As we have discussed in the earlier posts, Facebook is made up of user profiles, groups & pages. Among all these options, Facebook Groups are the easiest way to target the mass audience. If we opt Facebook profiles, the 5000 friends limit will never allow us to get the maximum needed exposure. Please don’t waste… Read More »

Why You Should Download Facebook Lite Android App

Facebook Lite Android App, Real / Simple Answers for many WHY’s. Facebook, The leaders in Social Media has always gone for better user experience rather than maintaining it balanced with overall performance. They have different model for every single platform. Desktop systems have the bulk of resources so better user experience is acceptable for their… Read More »