Why INDIA rated / ranked as WORST country for women

Thomson Reuters Foundation, legal news service, launched a global opinion poll of gurus on the worst and best nations for women in the G20. Guidelines that advertise gender equality, precautions towards violence and exploitation and reach to health care make CANADA the best place for the woman among the world’s leading economies, while child marriage, infanticide and slavery make INDIA the worst, the analyze showed.

So many women in so many countries, their fundamental rights remain a luxury and still in some of the most developed economies women are typically considered 2nd rate citizens. This opinion poll also shows that laws and treaties on women’s rights often don’t reflect the truth on the ground, ” said Thomson Reuters Foundation CEO.

Worst Place for Women
Condition of Women in INDIA

This survey ranked the 19 nations that make up the group of twenty economies in terms of how women do use six categories:
1)- Workplace Opportunities.
2)- Quality of Health.
3)- Freedom from Violence.
4)- Participation in Politics.
5)- Access to Resources.
6)- Freedom from Trafficking and Slavery.

Germany, Great Britain, Australia and France curved out the top 5 after Canada in the awareness poll. The US came in 6th but polarized advice due to issues surrounding reproductive rights and budget friendly health care.

Saudi-Arabia, where women are very well educated but are not allowed to drive and obtained the right to vote just in 2011 – polled / rated / ranked 2nd worst after India, Followed by Indonesia, South Africa and Mexico.

In India where women and girls continue to be sold like cattle, wedded off at the age of ten (10), burned alive due to dowry related conflicts and young girls being abused and exploited as domestic servant.

Future of Indian Women ?
Future of Indian Women ?

Worst to Best G20 countries for women:

  • 19)- India.
  • 18)- Saudi Arabia.
  • 17)- Indonesia.
  • 16)- South Africa.
  • 15)- Mexico.
  • 14)- China.
  • 13)- Russia.
  • 12)- Turkey.
  • 11)- Brazil.
  • 10)- South Korea.
  • 09)- Argentina.
  • 08)- Italy.
  • 07)- Japan.
  • 06)- United States.
  • 05)- France.
  • 04)- Australia.
  • 03)- Britain.
  • 02)- Germany.
  • 01)- Canada.

If this still doesn’t boiled your blood then you should be ashamed. The country shouts for a revolution, a nation that treats their women as dirt and grime, where everything goes against women and is offered with great justifications. To tell you the truth, all of these things just validate one and the only one thing that INDIA is not a nation for women”. Check the shocking video below if you need more clarification:

Some hard to believe statistics / facts about the condition of women in INDIA are:

  • In every 22 min, 1 Woman gets raped in INDIA.
  • In every 76 mins, 1 child gets raped in INDIA.
  • Cases of Rapes get increased by 873 percent from 1971 to 2011.
  • 3 out of 4 accused in the criminal offense are acquitted.
  • Conviction rate felt from 41 percent to 24 percent in the past 12 years.

One “great QUOTE” related to the condition of women in INDIA is:

  • The true test of your manhood is how you treat a woman. If you do not respect a woman, you are only half a man by Anti-Rape Campaign, The Times of India.

Many “unbelievable QUOTES” related to the condition of women in INDIA are:

  • Had she recited the Saraswati mantra , she would not have boarded any bus after watching a movie with her boyfriend. She should have called the culprits brothers and begged them to stop. Can one hand clap? I don’t think so. ” said self proclaimed spiritual guru Asaram Bapu, on delhi’s “NIRBHAYA RAPE CASE”.
  • Choumein leads to hormonal imbalance, evoking an urge to indulge in acts such as rape and sex. You also know the impact of choumein, which is a spicy food, on our body. Hence, our elders too advised to eat light and nutritious food, ” said Village leader in Haryana, India.
  • Women are equally responsible for the crimes committed against them. Women display their bodies and indulge in various obscene activities. Women are unaware of the kind of message [their actions] generate, ” said Reputed Women Chairperson of Reputed Women’s Commission in an Indian State.

Time has arrived for all INDIANS to give at least a SERIOUS thought on this SERIOUS issue. Being a woman is already a difficult task, Let’s help women to make it EASIER.

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