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7 Indicating Signals If Your Blog is on the Way to Success

7 Signals if your blog is on the way to success
7 Signals for your blog

Starting the blog is always an easy task, growing it according to the pre-determined goal is the harder one. If you are serious about the blogging, you always have to understand that it always takes time and the hard work to get any desired results Keep patience, do it in the right legal way, the success is just few steps away from you. You may feel frustrated, while not getting the desired results against the efforts, in these situations you only have to thought about the good things, that are waiting to happen in the background. The other method to get rid of this frustration, is to involve yourself in the finding of the Signals, that can Indicate If Your Blog is on Right Track or not. Don’t worry, If you are unaware about these indicating signals for the blog progress, TODAY, we are here to discuss and share all about these Indicating Signals by which you will get, the clearer picture about the progress of your blog.

We have seen many bloggers packing up their bags as of not getting the expected results, here we just want to remind a thing to all of you, good things can happen any time, anywhere and off course with anybody. In majority of these cases, the people aren’t with the actual picture of the blog, to make this easy for everybody, below are the Indicating Signal by which you can easily figure out the actual standings of your blog.

7 Signals that can help you to figure out the actual standings of your blog.

Natural Backlinks / Inbound links for the blog are increasing OR not ?

First of all you have to understand about the natural backlinks / inbound links, this refer to the links which actually building themselves by the other people, you are not creating them manually. The inbound links to your blog is a clear indication, if the content at your website is appealing for others or not. In addition to this, these backlinks are very useful for any high search engine rankings and the reputation for the blog.

The more backlinks you collect for your blog, the more recognized your blog will become. Here, we are not talking about the backlinks, people establish manually via reciprocal links, guest posting or commenting. We are talking about the natural backlinks, which have been developed routinely, because of the appealing quality content on your blog.

How much Unique / Returning Visitors and Page Views you are getting on your blog ?

Analysis of the statistics data is always an important factor to determine the growth of the blog. You can’t be able to sense anything, if not performing this activity in the main doings. The total number of unique / returning visitors, and the page views you are acquiring on your blog, actually shows the real engagement of the visitors with your blog. Even the average time spend by the visitor, shows the interest of the people towards the content at your blog. In simple words, without considering all these factors, you will never estimate if the blog is growing or not.

If you haven’t measured the blog stats in the past, we would recommend you to set them right now. If you are unaware about setting them up, you can anytime use the Google Analytics service for free, as it’s the complete solution for the website statistics, by the GOD of Internet, GOOGLE.

Are you Getting Sufficient blog Subscribers via Email ?

It’s very straight and simple, If the visitors are showing their interest to subscribe to your blog, these are the strong positive signs that your blog is catching up with the new heights. Generally, People are very lazy to subscribe to any blog, they don’t want to fill their mail inbox with any blog updates. No matter, if the subscribers number is increasing with a slow rate, it’s still a positive sign. Here, you always have to remember one thing, not to set any artificial expectation with the numbers, it will only brings the unwanted frustration and may effect the high spirits by which you are giving the efforts to rise your blog. Be satisfied with the acceptable growth rate of the blog subscribers.

Are you Getting the Comments from the Visitors of your blog ?

First of all, we want to make it clear, the visitor’s comments never relate to the growth of the blog by any mean, they may relate to the quality of your blog.

Many times, you will notice that the blog is getting the hits but the visitors aren’t commenting anywhere. Now the question comes, why the visitors aren’t showing their interest to comment on the blog ?. Don’t worry, we have a clear answer for this, as the people are lazy now a days ๐Ÿ™‚ . They prefer to share / like / tweet the post instead of commenting there, as it takes less time of their busy schedule.

In some cases, you may receive a lot of comments like “Fantastic Post” “looking for this post” etc etc. To tell you the truth, these comments are useless and can’t help to grow your blog. In fact, any blog with less number of authentic comments is much better than the blog having tons of often used comments. Here, the authentic comments refers to the “thought provoking” comments.

What about the Social Signals for your blog ?

Sharing the content to the social media, is the first thing we do after publishing the content to our blog. Correct ?

Just check if people are sharing it forward, by liking, sharing on Facebook and tweeting, following on Twitter. If this is happening with your activities, your blog is on the way to success OTHERWISE concentrate more on this, to get this work in your favour.

You can also smell the progress of your blog, if the fellow bloggers from the same niche, sending you the invitations for the meetups. You can also assume the great progress of your blog, if the people know you by your name not as an Adminstrator of the BLOG.

Which source is bringing the maximum traffic to your blog ?

The source for the traffic is different from blog to blog. Any Fashion or Entertainment related blog can derive the main traffic using the social media. In the case of any News or Insurance related blog, it will derive the most of the traffic from the search engines. If you have completely understood the main source of the traffic to your blog, you blog is on the way to success.

In simple words, If you are fully alarmed about the source of the traffic, you can control this traffic generating source to get a lot more visitors from it.

Have you achieved the Short Term goals or still waiting ?

In the thoughts of Making the Money from our blog, which has to be the Long term goal for every blogger, most of the bloggers forget to complete the short- term goals. To tell you the truth, these short-term goals are the main pillars which leads to the long-term goals. In the short-term goals, you may include getting atleast 50 email subscribers to your blog within 1 month, to get 300 organic visitors per day within 1 month etc etc. If you haven’t determined any of these short-term goals, we are sorry, your blog isn’t on the right track.

If you are new to the blogging, the measurement of the growth of the blog on a weekly basis is really necessary. Believe us, this is the only theory, by which you can make blogging as a full time job for you.

Final Thoughts.

So, Today you have learned the ways to calculate the actual standings of your blog. Although, we haven’t missed anything, do you know any more signals to smell the standings of our blog, please share the same under the comments section below. That’s all we have for now, we will be back with many more informative blogs. God Bless Everybody.

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