CCC Online Question Paper with Answers – Sample / Demo Test SET E

To add another chapter in the series of CCC Study Material, here is another DOEACC CCC Online Question Paper SET-E with Answers. All the published CCC Previous Year Online Question Papers with Answer Keys will definitely help the CCC candidates to crack the upcoming DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Examination at first attempt. These latest CCC Sample / Model Test Papers are as per the latest CCC Exam Syllabus. Best of luck, study hard, your are getting the CCC Online Certificate very very soon.

DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Online Question Paper with Answers – CCC Previous Year Sample / Demo Test SET E.

ccc online question paper with answers sample model paper set E
CCC Online Question Paper with Answers Set E.

Note: This CCC Question Paper (SET-E) consist of total 50 questions with the answers highlighted in BOLD / RED. You can anytime check the complete answer keys for CCC question paper SET-E at page no 4 of this post.

Ques 1- “In Excel, shortcut file menu contains”-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Fill weekdays.
  • (b) Fill series.
  • (c) Both (a) and (b).
  • (d) None of these.

Ques 2- To “maximize” a window means to …………………….. 

Answer Options-

  • (a) fill it to capacity.
  • (b) expand it to fit the desktop.
  • (c) put only like files inside.
  • (d) drag it to the Recycle Bin.

Ques 3- The “home page” of a web site is ……………………

Answer Options-

  • (a) the largest page.
  • (b) the last page.
  • (c) the first page.
  • (d) the most colorful page.

Ques 4- A personal computer is-

Answer Options-

  • (a) MC.
  • (b) SC.
  • (c) YC.
  • (d) PC.
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Ques 5- Saving is the process of …………………………

Answer Options-

  • (a) copying a document from memory to a storage medium.
  • (b) making changes to a document’s existing content.
  • (c) changing the appearance, or overall look, of a document.
  • (d) developing a document by entering text using a keyboard.

Ques 6- To find a saved document in the computer’s memory and bring it up on the screen to view-

Answer Options-

  • (a) reverse.
  • (b) rerun.
  • (c) retrieve.
  • (d) return.

Ques 7- The internet is a system of ……………………….

Answer Options-

  • (a) software bundles.
  • (b) web page.
  • (c) web site.
  • (d) interconnected networks.

Ques 8- Octal number system has a base …………………………….

Answer Options-

  • (a) 2.
  • (b) 4.
  • (c) 6.
  • (d) 8.

Ques 9- Twitter is generally used for-

Answer Options-

  • (a) secret information sharing.
  • (b) electronic mailing.
  • (c) interpersonal communication.
  • (d) social networking.

Ques 10- Which type of memory holds the program to start up the computer ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) ROM.
  • (b) RAM.
  • (c) Cache.
  • (d) Static.

Ques 11- A program for viewing web pages is called …………………………

Answer Options-

  • (a) word processor.
  • (b) spreadsheet.
  • (c) protocol.
  • (d) a browser.

Ques 12- The term used to describe the intangible instructions that tell the computer what to do is-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Hardware.
  • (b) Software.
  • (c) Storage.
  • (d) Input / Output.

Ques 13- Networking of libraries through electronic media is known as-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Inflibnet.
  • (b) Libinfnet.
  • (c) Internet.
  • (d) HTML.

Ques 14- CD ROM stands for-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Computer Disk Read Only Memory.
  • (b) Compact Disk Read Over Memory.
  • (c) Compact Disk Read Only Memory.
  • (d) Computer Disk Read Over Memory.

Ques 15- IPv4 and IPv6 are addresses used to identify computers on the internet. Find the correct statement out of the following.

Answer Options-

  • (a) Number of bits required for IPv4 address is more than number of bits required for IPv6 address.
  • (b) Number of bits required for IPv4 address is same as number of bits required for IPv6 address.
  • (c) Number of bits required for IPv4 address is less than number of bits required for IPv6 address.
  • (d) Number of bits required for IPv4 address is 64.

Ques 16- TCP/IP is necessary if one is to connect to the-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Phone lines.
  • (b) LAN.
  • (c) Internet.
  • (d) a Server.

Ques 17- Each character on the keyboard of computer has an ASCII value which stands for-

Answer Options-

  • (a) American Stock Code for Information Interchange.
  • (b) American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
  • (c) African Standard Code for Information Interchange.
  • (d) Adaptable Standard Code for Information Change.

Ques 18- Corel Draw is popular-

Answer Options-

  • (a) illustration programme.
  • (b) programming language.
  • (c) text programme.
  • (d) none of the above.

Ques 19- Firewalls are used to protect a communication network system against-

Answer Options-

  • (a) unauthorized attacks.
  • (b) virus attacks.
  • (c) data-driven attacks.
  • (d) fire attacks.

Ques 20- The ‘brain’ of a computer which keeps peripherals under its control is called-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Common Power Unit.
  • (b) Common Processing Unit.
  • (c) Central Power Unit.
  • (d) Central Processing Unit.

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