CCC Online Test SET D – Demo Sample Practice Exam Series

After the mind blowing response & appreciation for the CCC Online Test SET-ASET-B and SET-C release, here is another addition (SET-D) to the CCC Demo / Sample / Practice Exam Series. All these demo CCC practice tests are very helpful to crack the CCC, CCC+ (CCC Plus), BCC and ECC main examinations. The CCC Online Test SETS will provide you the real feel of the CCC Online Exam, on the other hand it will settle down the butterflies in your stomach, prior to the CCC main exam. The DOEACC / NIELIT CCC / CCC+ Exam candidates, can use all the question asked in all these practice sets of CCC Online Tests as CCC Sample / Model / Practice question answers. Believe or not, If you sincerely plan your CCC Exam preparation using CCC Study Material according to the latest CCC Exam Syllabus, you will grab the CCC Certificate at your first CCC Exam attempt. Best of luck for the CCC Examination.

CCC Online Test Demo Sample Practice Exam Set D
CCC Online Test – Demo Sample Practice Exam Set-D.

DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Online Test SET D – CCC Sample Online Exam – Demo Model Test Paper with Instant Result and Answers.

This CCC Online Test / Exam (SET-D) consist of total 100 questions.

  • CCC MCQ’s / Objective Questions – (1) to (50).
  • CCC True False Questions – (51) to (100).

Note: The result for the CCC online test SET-D will be provided once you final submit the CCC online exam SET-D, with the correct answers along side.

Who can attempt the CCC Online Test / Demo Sample Practice Exam SET-D.

  • Candidates who had registered and preparing for the Next CCC Online Examination.
  • Candidates preparing for the CCC+ (CCC Plus), BCC and ECC Examination.
  • Candidates preparing for other important competition examinations.
  • Organisations / Institutions engaged in the training of CCC Exam / other Competition Exams can use this Sample Online Test to give their students a real feel of the main examination.
  • General public / students can attempt this CCC online demo exam to boost their computers knowledgebase.

Important Instructions for DOEACC / NIELIT Demo CCC Online Test / Sample Practice Exam SET D.

  1. The CCC Demo / Sample online test paper consist of 100 questions (50 objective and 50 True / False questions).

  2. Each correct answer will carry 1 mark to the grand total with no negative marking.

  3. 50% (50 marks out of total 100 marks) are required to qualify for the Sample / Demo CCC Online Test Practice Exam SET-D.

  4. You can skip any question of your choice with a warning confirmation to move forward, we recommend you to attempt every question to know you knowledge skills. There is no negative marking policy under the CCC main examination and this demo CCC Online Test practice exam SET-D.

  5. There is no time limit for this Demo CCC Online Test, but always remember that the main CCC examination has the time limit of 90 minutes to complete the exam.

  6. Once you complete the Demo CCC Online Test, the grand total and achieved grade will be shown on the next screen / page.

  7. All correct answers for the Demo CCC Online Test SET-D will be provided along with the final result, once you complete / final submit Demo CCC Online Exam SET-D.

  8. CCC candidates can attempt any SET of this CCC demo online tests practice exams any number of time. In addition, these demo CCC online practice exams will always remain free at our website.

  9. At present, Demo CCC Online Test SETS are available in English language, we are in process to release Demo CCC Online Test SETS / Sample Practice Online Exam series in Hindi & other languages very shortly.

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DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Online Test / Demo Sample Exam / Practice Test SET-D.

1. MICR stands for-


2. The opening screen consists of our main components these are-


3. Which command is used to start a slide show ?


4. Main memory is also known as ……………………..


5. VGA is-


6. CGI stands for ?


7. What is the shortcut key to open windows explorer ?


8. The set of processed data is called-


9. Full form of WORM is-


10. Palettes that can be tear-off are- 


11. To select a column the easiest method is to ………………….


12. …………………. is the high speed memory used in the Computer.


13. The top most bar in any application window is the …………………….


14. Every device on the Internet has a unique …………………. address (also called as “Internet address”)


15. Which of the following is an output device ?


16. The set of computer programs that manages the hardware / software of a computer is called-


17. The core of operating system is-


18. Check the odd term out-


19. DNS in Internet technology stands for-


20. 1 GB is equal to ………………


21. Which memory is used to read and write simultaneously ?


22. The term PC means-


23. Which is not an option of horizontal alignment in the Format Cells dialog box ?


24. A function in Excel-


25. Tree structures display-


26. You can easily understand the worksheet data by presenting it in the format of a- 


27. To install program from network, which option of network’s places you will choose ?


28. The binary number system has a base-


29. Which is/are the main provisions of Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 ?


30. Cut removes the selected text from your document and puts in on the-


31. Which menu provides information about using particular program ?


32. ………………. identifies a location in document for future reference.


33. For double underline in Word is used key combination.


34. What is a URL ?


35. The ……………….. feature enables you to enter multiple lines in a single cell.


36. ………………. allows you to work with the contents of the clipboard.


37. We can get into ……………….. menu by pressing Alt + F.


38. What is the extension of files created by Notepad ?


39. By default word format your text as-


40. Which of the following type of printers require special paper ?


41. MAN is a –


42. The Computer or Server on the Internet is also known as-


43. What is the meaning of “Hibernate” in Windows XP/7 ?


44. ………………. is a grid of cells with individual cells occurring at the intersections of corresponding rows and columns.


45. A set of rules that governs the transmission of data over a network-


46. When a large file is stored as small pieces scattered over the disk, it is often called as- 


47. Main memory is-


48. Consider the following statements about Internet facility:


49. The latest DVD technology uses-


50. The Print option resides in the:


51. Microsoft developed the first operating system for IBM-PC.


52. You can swap over the functionality of the left and right mouse buttons.


53. From an e-mail address, one can find out the domain name, where this e-mail address is hosted.


54. In simplex transmission data transmission is one way.


55. A LAN is a Large Area Network.


56. Press Ctrl + F4, to save and close a document.


57. In a worksheet more than one rows cannot be inserted at once.


58. Press Ctrl + F6, to move between open instances.


59. Margin are the distances between the text and the edges of the paper.


60. In MS Excel 2003 by default font style is Arial.


61. Different cells within a row can have different height.


62. Firmware is a Input device.


63. Press F8 key four times to select a paragraph in MS Word.


64. Ctrl + A used to Align the paragraph.


65. The full form of ISP is Information Source Provider.


66. Microsoft Excel is a first electronic worksheet.


67. A blank line is also called as a paragraph. It is called as an empty paragraph.


68. Band width refers to the capacity of the communications Lines.


69. The by default line spacing is single (12 points) in Word.


70. The double line spacing is 24 points in Word.


71. Bus topology shares a single channel on which all station can receive and transmit.


72. ALU is a part of CPU.


73. E-Mail is a Software.


74. It is possible to insert a sheet at the end of the workbook.


75. DNS is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private Network.


76. ISP stands for Internet Security Provider.


77. Domain name .edu describe educational institutions site.


78. Web pages can only be created using JavaScript.


79. A5 is a example of cell address.


80. ISP is a Network device.


81. To specify multiple recipients of carbon copy of same mail message, CC: field is used.


82. An example of a high-speed direct digital connection to the Internet is a ISP.


83. News Groups are also known as usenet.


84. You cannot undo certain operations like saving, printing, opening and creating documents.


85. In its default setting, a workbook is made up of 3 sheets and the number can be extended to 255 sheets.


86. TCP/IP application uses 6 layers of protocols.


87. Frequency Range of optical fiber is 180 to 370 THz.


88. The Shift + Tab shortcut key moves the mouse pointer to the next cell in Word table.


89. Internet is a network of Networks.


90. Telnet works with the Terminal Emulation Protocol.


91. The custom animation option helps you to add the special effects on text boxes and images during designing a slide.


92. The AA is next to column of column Z.


93. A presentation is a sequential collection of slides in which each slide displays some information in the form of text or graphics.


94. Formatting is responsible to enhance the appearance and outlook of the worksheet.


95. The cells include in the range A1 : B2 are: A1, B1 and B2.


96. IP is a best network for video-conferencing.


97. The textbox is used to insert a block of text in any position within your page margins.


98. The pie chart has a hole in its center.


99. Modulation is a process in which a modulator changes some attribute of a higher frequency carrier signal proportional to a lower frequency message signal.


100. E-Learning is the best learning for distance education.

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Note: Hit the Next button to move forward to the next question, there are total 100 question in this Practice CCC Online Demo Test SET-D. Once you click the final submit button, your CCC Online Test Results with Grade and correct answers will be displayed on the CCC online test result page.

Download CCC Online Test / CCC Demo – Sample Exam / Practice Test SET-D Questions in PDF Format.

All the questions compiled into this CCC Online Test SET-D exam are collected from the ccc previous year question papers, ccc sample papers, ccc model papers and various Top CCC examination preparation books. For any reason, If you need to download the CCC questions with answers (in PDF format) asked in the CCC online test SET-D, you can check ccc question answers section of our blog.

Note: This CCC Online Demo Exam (SET-D) has been compiled using the most important CCC questions, asked in the previous CCC main online examinations. We are in process to publish CCC Previous Year Question Papers / Model Test Papers / Sample Papers / Study Material in Hindi and other languages very shortly. Bookmark us to stay updated with the latest CCC Exam News and Latest CCC Exam Preparation Study Material.

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