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DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Online Exam Question Paper SET-O with Answers – Solved CCC MCQ Sample / Model Test Paper SET-O.

Ques 21- What are inserted as cross-reference in Word ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Placeholders.
  • (b) Bookmarks.
  • (c) Objects.
  • (d) Word fields.

Ques 22- Which of the following is not the section break option ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Next page.
  • (b) Previous page.
  • (c) Odd page.
  • (d) Even page.

Ques 23- Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Office XP.
  • (b) Office Vista.
  • (c) Office 2007.
  • (d) None of these.

Ques 24- Which category is org in categories of organisations on internet ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) commercial organisations.
  • (b) non profit organisations.
  • (c) Educational organisations.
  • (d) None of the above.

Ques 25- E-mail consists of two components-

Answer Options-

  • (a) header and body.
  • (b) header and footer.
  • (c) subject and body.
  • (d) none of these.

Ques 26- CC is short form of-

Answer Options-

  • (a) circular copy.
  • (b) current copy.
  • (c) carbon copy.
  • (d) none of these.

Ques 27- A web browser use which type of protocol ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) FTP.
  • (b) PPP.
  • (c) HTTP.
  • (d) All of these.

Ques 28- Website is a collection of-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Web Server.
  • (b) Web Pages.
  • (c) Web browser.
  • (d) www.

Ques 29- A homepage is also called-

Answer Options-

  • (a) Web browser.
  • (b) Website.
  • (c) Web pages.
  • (d) Index pages.

Ques 30- You can create a new presentation by completing all of the following except-

Answer Options-

  • (a) clicking the new button on the standard toolbar.
  • (b) clicking file new.
  • (c) clicking file open.
  • (d) pressing Ctrl + N.

Ques 31- What is the term used when you press and hold the left mouse key and move the mouse around the slide ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Highlighting.
  • (b) Dragging.
  • (c) Selecting.
  • (d) Moving.

Ques 32- Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentationare called-

Answer Options-

  • (a) effects.
  • (b) custom animations.
  • (c) transitions.
  • (d) present animations.

Ques 33- A modem is typically connected to a computer through a-

Answer Options-

  • (a) serial port.
  • (b) NIC card.
  • (c) parallel port.
  • (d) jack.

Ques 34- A NIC allows direct connection to-

Answer Options-

  • (a) the Internet.
  • (b) a network.
  • (c) a printer.
  • (d) a modem.

Ques 35- The NIC controls the flow of data between the computer’s RAM and the-

Answer Options-

  • (a) network cable.
  • (b) Internet.
  • (c) hard drive.
  • (d) CD Drive.

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