Download Youtube Videos / Youtube Downloader Trick

Download Youtube Videos without using any Tool / Software

Download Youtube Videos TRICK
Download Youtube Videos TRICK

Believe or not, Till date, YouTube is the clear leader if you are talking or willing to watch Videos Online. In simple words Youtube is the most valued place for video lovers. It’s the leading network on the globe to express or share the feelings using Videos. At Youtube, Countless number of Videos are uploaded daily by a large community of people. As Youtube resides in Google Family, Β Any Google a/c holders can instantly access Youtube Channel using their Google A/C credentials. Officially you can Upload, Watch / View any VIDEOS of your choice at Youtube. You maybe wondering if we forgot to include DOWNLOAD Youtube Videos in above lines. No, we haven’t. Actually, there is no option to download the videos in web version of Youtube. People use 3rd party tools / softwares such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) or Youtube Downloader (YTD) etc etc to download their favourite videos.

Today, In this TUTORIAL, we will show you how-to download any Youtube Video without using any 3rd Party tool / software as it’s unsafe to use these type of 3rd party Softwares on our systems. Sources had confirmed that majority of these type of tools may contain Addwares or Malwares. No WORRIES πŸ™‚ , After reading this, you never have to use any of these 3rd party softwares if it comes to download Youtube Videos. πŸ™‚

Without wasting any more valuable time of our readers, here goes the Tutorial:

In this tutorial, we will be using an online service from a website to download desired videos. The online service is savefrom. The Crawler of this online web service is smart enough to capture all desired information including the needed download link of the Youtube Video. In addition, you will have the options to select from the different file format in which you wants to download the needed Youtube Video. Some of the served formats are: MP4 (1080P), MP4 (720P), MP4 (320P) , FLV, 3GP etc etc.

How to use this Download Youtube Videos TRICK ?

1)- Open in Google Chrome ( Off Course YES, you can use any of your favorite browser πŸ™‚ )

2)- Open the Video you wish to download using this TRICK. (To demonstrate, we have performed the TRICK on this youtube video ( Here “oWK4N5LIUWkis the unique video string for this video.

Youtube Video Download Trick
Demonstration to download this VIDEO

3)- Just ADD “ss” BEFORE the word “youtube” in the address bar as shown in the figure below for more clarifications and better understandings.

Youtube Video Download Trick
Applying the TRICK

4)- Now, Press ENTER and the MAGIC begins πŸ™‚ , You will be re-directed to the download page provided by “savefrom“.

5)- As you can see in the figure below, Download link is available for you with options to select different file formats.

Hurayyy Download option available
Download Youtube Video

6)- After selecting desired file format for your Video, hit DOWNLOAD button. Hold off until Youtube Video download complete.

7)- Hurayyy, You have successfully downloaded your video, Put it to some safe place so that you can watch it anytime / anywhere and without any internet connection πŸ™‚ . Now, You can share this with your friends and relatives too.

This TRICK works great with desktop computers as well as mobile phones. You just need a browser and internet connectivity to download any of your favourite VIDEO.

That’s all for now, We hope you have liked this TRICK. If anybody from the visitors knows any other easiest / reliable TRICK to download Youtube Videos, Please share that with us under comments section. The whole Internet Community will be very thankful to you. We believe, Sharing is Caring.

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