Adidas Giving Free Shoes on 69th Anniversary 2018 Latest News

In our previous post, no fees for summer vacation in pvt schools HOAX, we showcased the ability of the Indians to spread any HOAX until it become viral. The same ability have been applied to spread this Free Adidas Shoes Giveaway / Adidas Giving Free Shoes on Anniversary HOAX. According to this viral message / news on different social media platforms, this giant shoe company is offering free Adidas Shoes on 93rd Anniversary. You just need to register yourself at a given online link and the lucky 2500 / 5000 / 7500 / 10000 applicants will get free pair of Adidas Shoes to celebrate the company’s 93rd Anniversary.

Adidas Free Shoes Giveaway 2018 Online Registration Form Link
Adidas Giving Free Shoes on Anniversary 2018

Free Adidas Shoes Giveaway on 93rd Anniversary / Adidas Giving Free Shoes on Anniversary 2018 Latest News.

Below you will find the complete copy of the viral message / news in hindi about Adidas Giving Free Shoes on Anniversary 2018 on all major social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

How to Free Adidas Shoes Giveaway on 93rd Anniversary Complete Offer / Message.

Adidas is giving away 2500 / 5000 / 7500 (or any number) Free Pair of Shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary. Get Your Free Adidas Shoes at – (different spam website links).

Note: Some viral messages on the social media platforms, spreading the above rumours about Adidas giving Free Shoes as to celebrate its 69th Anniversary. We request the internet community, not to get fooled with any number of the Adidas Anniversary, they all spreading Fake news / offer which actually are nothing more than a HOAX.

To tell you the truth, we had evaluated this message / news about Adidas Free Shoes giveaway as a HOAX straightaway after reading the message on WhatsApp. As anything can happen in this modern world, it was a matter of investigation to confirm our beliefs. We also want to check the intensity and the presence of this fake Free Adidas Shoes giveaway message / news on all available media platforms.

Truth / Reality about Free Adidas Shoes Giveaway 2018 / Adidas Giving Free Shoes on 69th or 93rd Anniversary Latest News.

First of all, If we talk about the 93rd Adidas Anniversary celebrations, we want to let our readers know that Adidas was founded in 18 August 1949 in Herzogenaurach (Germany). Calculating from its original formation date, the Adidas will be celebrating its 69th Anniversary this year on 18th August 2018. If we talk about the viral messages with 69th Anniversary celebration, our research indicates that they are fake too as some intelligent minds had re-invented the original “Adidas Free Shoes Giveaway on 93rd Anniversary” message / news, to give it a real feel.

Secondly, all different website links given in the end of the message to register yourself for Adidas Free Shoes Giveaway 2018 are fake / spam websites, they are just enjoying free traffic to their website to earn money using this Adidas Free Shoes Giveaway HOAX.

At last, we had checked Adidas Official Website to confirm this Free Adidas Shoes Giveaway on 93rd or 69th Anniversary, but failed to find any confirmation for the same. Do you think, If there is any actual Free Shoes offer by Adidas, they would forget to publish it to their official regional websites. No, they won’t 🙂 .

Download Adidas Free Shoes Giveaway 2018 Online Registration Link / Enrollment Form in PDF Format.

Some users at different community forums are claiming that they had successfully downloaded the Adidas Free Shoes Giveaway 2018 registration form in PDF format after following the website link given in their “received viral message”.

Click Here to download the Adidas Free Shoes Giveaway 2018 Registration Form in PDF format and check if it looks real to anybody.

Final Verdict Free Adidas Shoes Giveaway 2018 on 93rd / 69th Anniversary HOAX in India at different parts of the World.

There is no need to confirm that Indians are very good at spreading the fake news / messages. They have this unusual habit of forwarding / sharing whatever they receive in their social profiles or accounts. Many times in the past, the authority had to shut down the internet services for short time periods in selected areas, under the specific circumstances / conditions. We guess, you haven’t forgot the Free Rs 100 Recharge by Miss Call Hoax last year, believe or not, it’s still active on various social media platforms.

Who know, someday Adidas comes with any real Free Shoes Giveaway for their valuable customers as this is never a big deal for the Footwear Industry giants. If anything happens, we promise, we will be the first to update you with the good news. At present, all ongoing “Adidas Giving Free Shoes on Anniversary 2018” OR “Adidas Free Shoes Giveaways” messages / news are fake and are not more than a HOAX. In addition, this HOAX is also not limited to the Indian Sub-Continent, slowly but surely, it’s getting viral in other parts of the World including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

That’s all we have in our basket, subscribe us to remain updated with the latest information that actually matters. Thank you for your time and trust. Comments and suggestions are always invited, keep visiting a2z infomatics.

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