Rahul Gandhi Marriage Date / Photos / Wife Name / Age / Latest News

Rahul Gandhi is a well known Indian politician for many different reasons. He is mainly famous as of his strong Political background family with Indira and Rajeev Gandhi as his Grand Mother and Father respectively. At present, Rahul Gandhi is the President of the INC (Indian National Congress) and holds the membership of 16th Lok Sabha from Amethi (Uttar Pradesh). He always remain in the Limelight due to his funny speeches and quotes while addressing the people. Most of the times, Rahul Gandhi is at the target of the opposition leaders due to his mother’s Italian origins. In addition, the Indian population is also very curious to know the real Rahul Gandhi Marriage date as he’s  turning to 48 on 19th June 2018.

rahul gandhi marriage date engagement age latest news
Rahul Gandhi – Aditi Singh Engagement / Wedding Latest News – Reality Check.

Rahul Gandhi Marriage Date / Engagement – Wedding Photos / Wife Name / Age / Latest News.

From last few days, there is a viral message on different social media platforms confirming Rahul Gandhi’s Engagement with the 28 year old daughter of Congress MLA Akhilesh Singh whose name is Aditi Singh. As there are many past rumours / HOAX about Rahul Gandhi’s Marriage date, we had investigate the weightage of this viral message / news. Oh my GOD, this is another fake news / hoax spreading rapidly over the internet.

Below is the complete copy of Rahul Gandhi Wedding Date / Wife name viral message / news in hindi on WhatsApp Messenger.

देश के सबसे होशियार अनुभवी युवा नेता राहुल गांधी की शादी की तैयारी शुरू हो गयी !!
राहुल गांधी का रिश्ता तय करने के लिए सोनिया गांधी रायबरेली के सदर विधायक अखिलेश सिंह के घर उनकी बेटी अदिति सिंह को अपनी बहू बनाने के लिए आई…..
फ़ोटो सबसे पहले अपने ग्रुप पे

rahul gandhi aditi singh marriage date fake news hoax
Picture & Message Source (WhatsApp Messenger)

Important: Some Messages on different social media platforms are claiming that Rahul Gandhi – Aditi Singh Wedding is scheduled to be held in the last week of May 2018. Marriage date will be declared later. As said earlier, these all are fake claims. Come on India, Stop spreading the fake news / hoax, don’t you have any helpful content to spread for the betterment of the Indian community.

Rahul Gandhi Age / DOB.

Rahul Gandhi Date of Birth:  19th June 1970.

Rahul Gandhi Age: 48 Years as on 19th June 2018.

Rahul Gandhi Marriage / Engagement / Wedding Pictures / Photos – Download in PDF Format.

The rapidly spreading viral message / news of Rahul Gandhi Marriage / Anniversary / Wedding consist 5 Photos in total. All the 5 pictures are indicating that a formal anniversary ceremony is going on at Rahul’s rumoured wife (Aditi Singh) house. The Engagement function is showing the presence of Soniya Gandhi, Aditi Singh Father and Mother and many other top Congress leaders.

Click here to download Rahul Gandhi – Aditi Singh Marriage / Engagement / Wedding Viral Message / News and Photos.

Rahul Gandhi Wife Age / Name / Details.

  • Rahul Gandhi Rumoured Wife Name: Aditi Singh.
  • Occupation: Politician, Currently Elected MLA from Rae Bareli Sadar.
  • Political Party: Indian National Congress (INC).
  • Aditi Singh Age: 28 Years.

Truth / Reality about Rahul Gandhi Marriage / Engagement Date with Aditi Singh Viral Message / Latest News.

According to our investigation, there are no signs for any reality of this news. Although, many reputed Congress leaders had confirmed this news on their Twitter & Facebook profiles, but we guess they too have been influenced with this fake Rahul Gandhi Marriage viral message / news.

In support to our investigations, several top news agencies had also declared this viral Rahul Gandhi – Aditi Singh Marriage / Engagement Message / News / Photos a Fake News, nothing more than a HOAX.

If anybody is still doubtful about our investigations about the Rahul Gandhi Marriage Fake News with the MLA Aditi Singh, below is the complete statement given by MLA Aditi Singh to the “Times of India”

Talk of my marriage with Rahul Gandhi is a propaganda in the wake of the Karnataka elections. The intention appears to be to distract the Congress leadership and workers toiling in Karnataka. It is anyone’s guess who could be behind it.

Rahul Gandhi Marriage / Engagement Fake News Explanation by MLA Aditi Singh on her twitter handle ( AditiSinghINC ).

rahul gandhi marriage date news explanation aditi singh twitter
Aditi Singh Explanation on Twitter about the Viral Rahul Gandhi Marriage / Engagement Fake News / HOAX.

We hope, now there is no doubt in anybody’s mind about any reality of this fake message / news of Rahul – Aditi Marriage / Anniversary. We don’t know who’s dirty mind is behind this HOAX, we can only say that this is not any clean politics.

Final Verdict about Rahul Gandhi Marriage / Engagement Date Viral Fake News / HOAX on Social Media Networks.

We are not able to understand, why people spread HOAX without confirming the facts. Sorry to say, but we, the Indians, are very good in this operation. All the earlier, free Rs 100 recharge on miss call, Adidas Free Shoes and no school fees for summer vacations HOAX are acceptable upto certain limits as they haven’t spoiled personality of any individual. This Rahul Gandhi – Aditi Singh Marriage / Engagement Date HOAX had directly effected their emotions and would not be acceptable by any mean. Here we want to make a humble request to all our reader, please don’t be a part of any these type of HOAX / Fake News.

Believe or not, The current scenarios for the Congress President Rahul Gandhi aren’t joyful. He is getting ready for the Lok-Sabha 2019 general election. We guess, once these major elections are over, he will himself announce his Marriage / Engagement date with his dream women.

At last, for the real Rahul Gandhi Fans, who actually are curious to know their leader’s Marriage / Engagement Date, Once we get any confirmed news about Rahul’s Engagement / Wedding, we will come with all the real details about the happenings. Keep visiting a2z infomatics. Subscribe now to remain updated with the most valuable information which actually matters.

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