High Court Order Cp.no 5812 of 2015 Judgement Latest News

From last 10-15 days, there is a viral message on the social media platforms about the high court latest order / judgement of Cp.no 5812 of 2015. According to this viral message / news, the private sector schools will now not be able to demand the tuition fees for the summer vacation period (June & July). If any private school refuse to follow the guidelines stated in this high court order, the officials will think about ending their affiliations with the respective boards or institutions.

High Court Order Cp.no 5812 of 2015 Judgement Latest News

High Court Order Cp D no 5812 of 2015 Judgement / No Private School Fees for Summer Vacation Period Latest News.

Below is the complete copy of the viral message in hindi about high court order Cp.no 5812 of 2015.

High court order

Cp.no 5812 of 2015_
So( G-111)SE 2L/PS/HC/3-859/18
Date 05-03-2018

कोई भी प्राइवेट स्कूल छुट्टियों के दिनों की यानी जून जुलाई महीने की फीस नहीं ले सकेगा। अगर उस स्कूल ने मना करने बाद फीस वसूली तो उसके खिलाफ कार्यवाही होगी। जिसमे उसकी मान्यता भी रद्द हो सकती हैं।
इसके लिए अभिभावक पुलिस में शिकायत भी कर सकते है। अगर किसी ने एडवांस में फीस जमा कर दी है तो वापिस मांग लें या फिर अगले महीने में एडजस्ट करा दे। स्कूल फीस ना दे या एडजस्ट ना करे तो पुलिस में शिकायत करे। पुलिस ना सुने तो CM विंडो पर शिकायत करे।

जागो ग्राहक जागो, ये जानकारी शेयर करे । रिश्तेदारों को बताए.

When we first saw this viral message on WhatsApp and Facebook, we were actually very happy. Later, when we tried to collect more details about this High Court Order Cp.no 5812 of 2015, we found some shocking information / data 🙁 which indicated that this is just another HOAX spreading over the Internet, specially on the social media platforms.

Truth / Reality about High Court Order Cp.no 5812 of 2015 – Nil Private School Tuition Fees for Summer Vacation Period (June & July).

First of all, this order has came out from Sindh, Karachi (Pakistan) High Court not from the Indian High Court. Following these High Court Orders, the Sindh Government has instructed the private school to not collect any summer vacation fees for the months of June and July. In case, If you had already paid the advance tuition fees, the private schools will be bound to refund the money back to the parents OR adjust the excess fees amount in the future tuition fees installments.

Download Complete Judgement Copy for the High Court of Sindh, Karachi CP D-5812 of 2015.

Click here to download the complete judgement for Cp.no 5812 of 2015 in PDF format.

Final Verdict about High Court Order Cp.no 5812 of 2015 in India HOAX.

First of all, we want to let all our readers know,that we all here at a2zinfomatics are Indians, and we are very proud for that. Secondly, we openly admits that we (the Indians) are very good at spreading the HOAX without any further investigation 🙂 . For the same reason, internet services in many parts of the country had been abandoned for short periods in the past. Believe or not, the Indian people are still spreading the past Free 100 Rs Recharge by Miss Call Hoax.

In addition, we appreciate this original Sindh, Karachi High Court Order Cp.no 5812 of 2015, the private school are making a well organised loot for the sake of children’s education. We hope, someday in the future, any Indian High Court / Government will think about implementing this to the Indian private schools. In last, we want to repeat, High Court Order Cp.no 5812 of 2015 is just a HOAX and doesn’t apply to any private school / educational institution in INDIA.

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  1. It is not right, even in india, indian high court or Supreme should pass this verdict. Because in india it is not possible for all the parents to pay the fees for normal school periods, then how they are managing school vacation fees. It is absolutely not exepectable in any part of the world.

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