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Top 10 UC Browser Tricks & Tips on Android – iOS – Windows Phone

Although the list about available internet browsers for mobile devices is very big, there are only 3 or 4 browsers out of them used most widely. UC browser resides in the widely used mobile internet browser category. Community loves UC browser for its simplicity & surfing speed. If we talk about the UC browser, this… Read More »

How to Block any Contact or Group on WhatsApp [Solved]

From the time of its launch, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the top performing messaging app in its class. Like all other social messaging applications, anybody can connect with you anytime. On WhatsApp, you just need the contact number of the other person to get connected with him. You never have to wait for the request approval… Read More »

How to Check If Somebody has Blocked You on WhatsApp

Believe or not, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the WhatsApp resides in almost each and every Smart Phone on this planet. To estimate WhatsApp popularity, just GIFT anybody a brand new Smart Phone and examine which first application the person is trying to install into the gifted Smart Phone. When the service is… Read More »

How to Fix Black Screen Problem in Windows Movie Maker – Solved

Windows Movie Maker is the best video editing tool if anybody wants to edit or create their own videos. Many Video production houses are using it successfully to produce high definition videos for commercial use. Windows Movie Maker provides all the basic editing features such as adding title, captions, visual transition effects and video credits… Read More »

How to Use WhatsApp New, Hidden, Secret Font FixedSys in Messages

As revealed in our previous post that the WhatsApp people are always keen to add new features to their messaging app, this time they had added a new hidden FixedSys font. This new FixedSys font has been spotted in their latest Android beta build version, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Some… Read More »