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How to Hide or Unhide AppLock Icon [Solved]

It’s always a serious matter of concern for most of the people, who cares for their privacy and hence wants to limit the access of other people to their Smartphones. As it’s not possible for most of the people to deny the sharing of their Smart Phones with others, they have to think about other… Read More »

How to View Full Size Instagram Profile Picture of Anybody [Solved]

Same like the Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is another popular social media platform to share the pictures or videos, publicly or privately. You can follow others Instagram users to get updates about latest shared image or video by them. By default, when you join Instagram your account is set to public. This simply means that… Read More »

How to BUY Reliance Jio Rs 1000 4G Mobile / Smartphone with VoLTE Support

By providing free unlimited data, unlimited free voice / video calls, unlimited free SMS and unlimited Free access to Jio Apps, Reliance JIO is undoubtedly the most popular mobile network at this moment. Other Telecom / mobile operators were actually shocked by the Reliance JIO Loot Offers, tried many different things to join this race,… Read More »

How to Make Offline Paytm Payments – Cashless Transactions without Internet

On 7th of December 2016, one of the widely used cashless payment service Paytm announced, shortly no need for any internet / data connection to make cashless transactions using Paytm. According to the reports from some reputed sources, there will be a new feature for non smart phone users to make any cashless transaction without… Read More »