CCC Exam Sample Paper (True/False) – Previous Year Question Answer SET-K

CCC Exam Sample Paper (True/False) SET-J – CCC Previous Year Sample Question Answer / Model Test Paper SET K.

ccc true false question answer sample paper
CCC Exam True False Question Answer SET K.

CCC Sample Question Answer (True/False) SET-K.

Note: This CCC True/False Question Answer Paper (SET-K) consist of total 50 questions with the answers highlighted in BOLD-RED. You can anytime check the complete answer keys for this CCC true false question paper at page no 2 of this post.

Ques 1- User Agent (UA) is a component of e-mail system, which is responsible for preparing message and creating envelope for message. (True/False)

Ques 2- Message Transfer Agent (MTA) is a component of e-mail system that tranfers message across the Internet. (True/False)

Ques 3- MIME is a protocol that allows non-ASCII data to be sent through SMTP. (True/False)

Ques 4- All incoming e-mail messages are to be stored in the OUTBOX folder. (True/False)

Ques 5- The word bit is the short form of Binary Digit. (True/False)

Ques 6- Fourth generation computer use integrated circuits. (True/False)

Ques 7- Binary value of 303 is 0011000011. (True/False)

Ques 8- Word provides an Undo button on the standard toolbar that can be used to cancel the most recent command or action. (True/False)

Ques 9- If clip art is part of a paragraph and that paragraph is left-aligned, then the clipart also is left-aligned. (True/False)

Ques 10- When you use the print button to print a document, Word prints only the current page. (True/False)

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Ques 11- To quit Word, click the Restore button on the right side of the title bar. (True/False)

Ques 12- Even and Odd pages can have different footers in Word. (True/False)

Ques 13- Headers and Footers are displayed in the normal view in Word. (True/False)

Ques 14- Connectivity is a concept related to using computer networks to link people and resources. (True/False)

Ques 15- All communication channels must have physical connections. (True/False)

Ques 16- Fiber-optic cable transmits data as pulses of light. (True/False)

Ques 17- The information centre is a company’s primary resource for the development of full scale information systems. (True/False)

Ques 18- Business data processing is handled by a unit separate from user groups in many businesses. (True/False)

Ques 19- A microsecond is 1000 times longer than a nanosecond. (True/False)

Ques 20- The greatest amount of available computing capacity is dedicated to the information systems/data processing category of computer usage. (True/False)

Ques 21- The transmission of data from a microcomputer to a mainframe computer is called uploading. (True/False)

Ques 22- You must first precisely select the range of the cells to be named, as you will not be able to redefine or modify the range before adding a name. (True/False)

Ques 23- Range names can be removed, as well as added, by selecting the Define command from the Inset/Name menu. (True/False)

Ques 24- You can only select built-in headers and footers from the header/Footer Tab in the page setup dialog box. (True/False)

Ques 25- To choose built-in headers and footers you should click on the custom buttons. (True/False)

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Ques 26- E-mail addresses are case sensitive. (True/False)

Ques 27- A set of rules is known as protocol. (True/False)

Ques 28- ISP is a company that provides an Internet connection. (True/False)

Ques 29- Hypertext enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a nonlinear way base on what you want to know next. (True/False)

Ques 30- The two parts of an e-mail address is separated by @ symbol. (True/False)

Ques 31- In SMTP, the message can be of any length. (True/False)

Ques 32- HTML files are text files only. (True/False)

Ques 33- You can define many print areas at a time. (True/False)

Ques 34- To define a print area, you should choose the Set print Area command from the File/Print Area menu then define the range. (True/False)

Ques 35- Clicking on any cell will highlight the selected print area. (True/False)

Ques 36- In Website designing you should make the title catchy descriptive and accurate. (True/False)

Ques 37- A Smiley, is a sequence of ordinary printable characters, or a small image, intended to represent a human facial expression and convey an emotion. (True/False)

Ques 38- You can draw objects in a presentation by using the design toolbar. (True/False)

Ques 39- To create a new worksheet, select worksheet from the file menu. (True/False)

Ques 40- In a multi-page document, the dotted line that extends on a page is called as soft page break. (True/False)

Ques 41- Numerals have the same widths in a proportionally spaced font. (True/False)

Ques 42- You cannot use different page-numbering styles in different section of your document. (True/False)

Ques 43- Presentation graphics are also known as business graphics. (True/False)

Ques 44- Drawing objects and pictures can be added to notes pages. (True/False)

Ques 45- Changes to slide master, apply only to the current slide. (True/False)

Ques 46- A color scheme can be applied either to the current slide or to all the slide in a presentation. (True/False)

Ques 47- A business computer system is designed to generate the information by simulating human capabilities. (True/False)

Ques 48- Artificial Intelligence is that area of research that uses computers to simulate human capabilities. (True/False)

Ques 49- The rate which you can learn more about computer is accelerated once you gain a basic understanding of computers. (True/False)

Ques 50- A supervisory position does not involve planning. (True/False)

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