CCC Exam Solved Question Paper (True/False) PDF Download SET-L

Download CCC Online Exam Solved Question Paper (True/False) SET-L in PDF Format / CCC Previous Year Sample Practice / Model Test Paper SET L.

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CCC Exam True False Solved Question Paper SET-L.

CCC Online Exam Solved Question Paper with Answers SET-L (True/False).

Note: This CCC True/False Question Answer Paper (SET-L) consist of total 50 questions with the answers highlighted in BOLD-RED. You can anytime check the complete answer keys for this CCC true false question paper at page no 2 of this post.

Ques 1- The default protocol used by web browser to communicate with web servers in http\\. (True/False)

Ques 2- Internet explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft. (True/False)

Ques 3- A web browser is a software / program that facilitates you to access data on the LAN. (True/False)

Ques 4- “In Word, the ruler is displayed by default”. (True/False)

Ques 5- Even and odd pages can have different footers in Word. (True/False)

Ques 6- Headers and Footers are displayed in the normal view in the Word. (True/False)

Ques 7- 1 TB = 1024 MB. (True/False)

Ques 8- An email address is made up off two parts: a local port and a domain name, which are separated @ sign. (True/False)

Ques 9- Netscape messenger is the email client, which is a part of Netscape Communicator 7.0. (True/False)

Ques 10- Using outlook express one can read messages stored on email servers without downloading them on the local computer. (True/False)

Ques 11- All conversations on the IRC are in english. (True/False)

Ques 12- The blank web page template of Word contains 3 formatted or pre designed options. (True/False)

Ques 13- “In Word, a new column inserted in a table retains the format of the column next to which it is inserted”. (True/False)

Ques 14- It is always possible to shrink a document to one page. (True/False)

Ques 15- Styles can be used to generate a table of contents quickly in Word. (True/False)

Ques 16- “In Word, the easiest way to resize a picture is by dragging its edges to match the size and shape you want. (True/False)

Ques 17- Graphics can not be placed in headers and footers in MS Word. (True/False)

Ques 18- In Windows, deleted files can not be recalled. (True/False)

Ques 19- The option run cannot be used to reach DOS Prompt. (True/False)

Ques 20- The menu bar displays the name of the currently active Word document. (True/False)

Ques 21- An operating system is a piece of software. (True/False)

Ques 22- GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. (True/False)

Ques 23- You can print slides for overhead projector transparencies. (True/False)

Ques 24- UnitPrice is a valid name for a cell or range. (True/False)

Ques 25- You cannot change the position of the slide images on the handout master. (True/False)

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Ques 26- The data entry clerk and data clerk titles are interchangeable and describe the same position within the operations area. (True/False)

Ques 27- Business person should understand data processing to communicate well with computer personnel for using computer. (True/False)

Ques 28- Computers are programmable calculators. (True/False)

Ques 29- Computer does not have more intelligence than a cockroach. (True/False)

Ques 30- Most telephone lines are co-axial cable. (True/False)

Ques 31- Microwave communication used high frequency radio waves. (True/False)

Ques 32- Computers use digital signals to communicate within the system unit. (True/False)

Ques 33- You can open an Excel 2003 workbook with Excel 2007. (True/False)

Ques 34- An Excel worksheet is the entire spreadsheet file. (True/False)

Ques 35- Only 1 Excel spreadsheet can be in an Excel Workbook. (True/False)

Ques 36- A column can only be inserted by using the command on the home tab. (True/False)

Ques 37- Multiple columns can be filtered at a time in an Excel spreadsheet. (True/False)

Ques 38- A workbook can contain more than 3 Worksheets. (True/False)

Ques 39- “From the mail merge helper dialog box, you cna only open an existing data source but cannot create a new one”. (True/False)

Ques 40- “By default, Word will skip blank fields, so the merge is not effected if blank entries are in the data form”. (True/False)

Ques 41- “In Excel, standard width of a column is 18.43”. (True/False)

Ques 42- Computer cannot understand the binary language. (True/False)

Ques 43- “In Excel, pressing [Ctrl] + [Spacebar] selects the entire row”. (True/False)

Ques 44- “In Word, using [Ctrl] + [U] shortcut key(s) can underlined the selected text. (True/False)

Ques 45- GUI stands for Graphical user Interconnection. (True/False)

Ques 46- Base of Hexa number system is F. (True/False)

Ques 47- Hexa decimal value of 11 is C. (True/False)

Ques 48- Starting process of a computer is called cold booting. (True/False)

Ques 49- BIOS means Basic Input Output System. (True/False)

Ques 50- Loading of Operating System into computer memory is called booting. (True/False)

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