CCC Question Answer / Solved Previous Year MCQ Practice Paper SET-I

To strengthen the CCC Study Material for the CCC candidates, here is another DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Question Answer / Solved Previous Year MCQ Practice Paper SET-I with the Solution / Answer Keys. All the published CCC Question Paper SETS with the Answer Keys will definitely prove a decisive factor to crack the upcoming DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Examination at the first attempt. These are the latest 2018 CCC Question Papers as per the latest CCC Exam Syllabus. In last, Best of luck for your coming CCC Online Certificate Examination, don’t forget to visit other CCC Question Answers Sample Papers / Practice Sets already published here at a2z infomatics.

DOEACC / NIELIT CCC Practice Question Answer / Solved Previous Year MCQ Model Test Paper SET-I

ccc question answer previous year solved question paper set I
CCC Question Answer / Previous Year Solved Question Paper Set-I.

Note: This CCC Question Paper (SET-I) consist of total 50 questions with the answers highlighted in BOLD / RED. You can anytime check the complete answer keys for CCC question paper SET-I at page no 4 of this post.

CCC Question Answer / Previous Year Solved MCQ Paper SET-I

Ques 1- Which one of the following is not true ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Kernel is the program that constitutes the central core of the operating system.
  • (b) Kernel is the first part of the operating system to load into memory during booting.
  • (c) Kernel is made of various modules which can not be loaded in running operating system.
  • (d) Kernel remains in the memory during the entire computer session.

Ques 2- Which one of the following error will be handle by the operating system ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Power failure.
  • (b) Lack of paper in the printer.
  • (c) Connection failure in the network.
  • (d) All of the above.

Ques 3- What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Hyperlink.
  • (b) Index.
  • (c) Transpose.
  • (d) Rows.

Ques 4- When you insert an Excel file into a Word document, the data are-

Answer Options-

  • (a) hyperlinked.
  • (b) placed in a Word table.
  • (c)  linked.
  • (d) embedded.
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Ques 5- Except for the ………………….. function, a formula with a logical function shows the word “TRUE” or “FALSE” as a result.

Answer Options-

  • (a) IF.
  • (b) AND.
  • (c) OR.
  • (d) NOT.

Ques 6- Print server uses …………………… which is a buffer that holds data before it is sent to the printer.

Answer Options-

  • (a) queue.
  • (b) spool.
  • (c) node.
  • (d) None of these.

Ques 7- Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Fiber optics.
  • (b) Satellite.
  • (c) Coaxial cable.
  • (d) Modem.

Ques 8- Which of the following communication modes support two-way traffic but in only one direction at a time ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Simplex.
  • (b) Half duplex.
  • (c) Three-quarters duplex.
  • (d) All of the above.

Ques 9- Change the …………………… to create a document in wide format.

Answer Options-

  • (a) page orientation.
  • (b) page margins.
  • (c) paper style.
  • (d) paper source.

Ques 10- ……………………. formatting is the process of changing the way letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols appear on the screen and in print.

Answer Options-

  • (a) Document.
  • (b) Character.
  • (c) Paragraph.
  • (d) Object.

Ques 11- Which of the following symbol sets would be most likely to contain a mathematical symbol such as a degree sign, greater than or equal to, or a Greek Letter ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Wingdings.
  • (b) Wingdings 3.
  • (c) Webdings.
  • (d) Symbol.

Ques 12- Auto Correct was originally designed to replace …………………… words as you type.

Answer Options-

  • (a) short, repetitive.
  • (b) grammatically incorrect.
  • (c) misspelled.
  • (d) None of the above.

Ques 13- Which of the following is called low level languages ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Machine language.
  • (b) Assembly language.
  • (c) Both (a) and (b).
  • (d) None of these.

Ques 14- Which of the following is problem oriented language ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) High level language.
  • (b) Machine language.
  • (c) Assembly language.
  • (d) Low level language.

Ques 15- High level language is also called-

Answer Options-

  • (a) problem oriented language.
  • (b) business oriented language.
  • (c) mathematically oriented language.
  • (d) All of the above.

Ques 16- An e-mail that never arrives in the recipient’s inbox and is sent back is called-

Answer Options-

  • (a) return mail.
  • (b) bounce mail.
  • (c) spam mail.
  • (d) None of these.

Ques 17- Which symbol separates your account name and the name of the mail server name in e-mail address ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) @
  • (b) _
  • (c) Both (a) and (b).
  • (d) None of these.

Ques 18- Which of the following is NOT a mouse technique commonly used in Windows ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Lifting.
  • (b) Dragging.
  • (c) Double-Clicking.
  • (d) Clicking.

Ques 19- A ……………………. is a collection of buttons which represent various operations that can be carried out within an application.

Answer Options-

  • (a) List box.
  • (b) menu.
  • (c) toolbar.
  • (d) None of these.

Ques 20- What does the VLOOKUP function do ?

Answer Options-

  • (a) Looks up text that contain ‘v’.
  • (b) Checks whether text is the same in one cell as in the next.
  • (c) Finds related records.
  • (d) All of the above.

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