CCC Question Answer / Solved Question Paper (True/False) SET-H

CCC Question Paper with Answers (True / False SET-H) – CCC Previous Year Sample / Practice / Model Test Paper SET H.

ccc question answers solved paper set h
CCC Exam True False Question Answers. SET H.

CCC Exam Online / Demo Question Paper with Answers SET-H (True/False)

Note: This CCC True/False Question Answer Paper (SET-H) consist of total 50 questions with the answers highlighted in BOLD-RED. You can anytime check the complete answer keys for this CCC true false question paper at page no 2 of this post.

Ques 1- You can guard your computer against viruses using an antivirus program. (True/False)

Ques 2- programs such as word processors are known as utilities. (True/False)

Ques 3- A utility is a specialized program designed to make computing easier. (True/False)

Ques 4- If your text exceeds the size of the placeholder, Microsoft PowerPoint reduces the font size and line spacing incrementally as you type, to make the text fit. (True/False)

Ques 5- You can only split one cell of a table in a PowerPoint slide at a time. (True/False)

Ques 6- press F5 key to go to Slide Show view. (True/False)

Ques 7- Print preview of Word does not allow you to do any editing. (True/False)

Ques 8- To fill a formula into a range, select the cell that contains the formula and then drag the fill handle downward, upward, right or left as far as you need. (True/False)

Ques 9- If you want to move large amounts of data within a worksheet or from one worksheet to another, it’s better to use the cut and paste method. (True/False)

Ques 10- You can paste the copied data to more than one selected cell or range. (True/False)

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Ques 11- You can only insert one column, row or cell at a time. (True/False)

Ques 12- Rows and Columns can be inserted by selecting the cells command from the Insert menu. (True/False)

Ques 13- UNIX is an operating system. (True/False)

Ques 14- Client is a branches of server. (True/False)

Ques 15- Sharing of executable files in LAN is not possible. (True/False)

Ques 16- LANs are arranged in star, bus, or ring configurations. (True/False)

Ques 17- UNIX is a GUI interface. (True/False)

Ques 18- To create a directory in DOS use DIR command. (True/False)

Ques 19- To display the contents of a file use LIST command. (True/False)

Ques 20- DEL command delete a directory in DOS. (True/False)

Ques 21- Compiler converts High level language. (True/False)

Ques 22- Hexadecimal value of decimal 34 is ACB. (True/False)

Ques 23- Decimal value of hexadecimal E is 14. (True/False)

Ques 24- Currently, the performance of tasks by robots is based on preprogrammed algorithms. (True/False)

Ques 25- Data can be a number, a word, a picture, or a sound. (True/False)

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Ques 26- Strictly defined, a computer is a data processing device. (True/False)

Ques 27- The discrepancy between the “haves” and “have-nots” with regard to computer technology is commonly referred to as the digital society. (True/False)

Ques 28- One of the benefits of becoming computer fluent is being a save computer user and consumer and knowing how to avoid viruses, the programs that pose threats to computer security. (True/False)

Ques 29- Trend-spotting programs, developed for the business, have been used to predict criminal activities. (True/False)

Ques 30- Employers do not have the right to monitor e-mail and network traffic on employee systems used at work. (True/False)

Ques 31- In Excel, the delete and clear commands perform the same function. (True/False)

Ques 32- You cannot change the Font style of the entire workbook by a single command. It can change only worksheet by worksheet. (True/False)

Ques 33- The spelling and grammar check can only be done once the text is selected. (True/False)

Ques 34- One milli-byte is equivalent to 1000 Byte. (True/False)

Ques 35- The type of PROM that can be erased electrically is called EPROM. (True/False)

Ques 36- One megabyte is equivalent to 1024 B. (True/False)

Ques 37- When you delete an object, windows send it to the Recycle bin. (True/False)

Ques 38- A group of 4 bits known as Word. (True/False)

Ques 39- Record is a collection of File. (True/False)

Ques 40- The computerized processing of data can only be applied to the field of business. (True/False)

Ques 41- The data processing department is composed of the operations, data control, programming, and systems group. (True/False)

Ques 42- The computer operator is merely a button pusher and as such, requires no knowledge of the computer. (True/False)

Ques 43- A keypunch operator’s job is operationally the same as the computer operator’s job. (True/False)

Ques 44- Time-sharing students concurrently employ the computer to process their program. (True/False)

Ques 45- A smiley, is a sequence of ordinary printable characters, or a small image, intended to represent a human facial expression and convey an emotion. (True/False)

Ques 46- You can stop using the spelling checker at any time by clicking the close button. (True/False)

Ques 47- The view menu in Word is used to create header and footer. (True/False)

Ques 48- Check boxes are used to present options requiring individual on/off decisions in Message boxes. (True/False)

Ques 49- To include the document title and page numbers is a good reason to use a header or footer in your document. (True/False)

Ques 50- When using the keyboard to scroll, the insertion point remains stable. (True/False)

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