CCC Question Paper with Answers (True/False) – Sample Practice Test SET-F

Note: This CCC True/False Question Answer Paper (SET-F) consist of total 50 questions with the answers highlighted in BOLD-RED. You can anytime check the complete answer keys for this CCC true false question paper at page no 2 of this post.

CCC Question Paper with Answers (True / False SET-F) – CCC Previous Year Sample Practice / Model Test Paper SET F.

ccc question answers true false
CCC Exam True False Question Answers. SET F.

CCC Exam Online Question Paper with Answers SET-F (True/False)

Ques 1- The CPU and memory are located on a special circuit board in the system unit called the motherboard. (True/False)

Ques 2- Nanostructures represent the smallest human- made structures that can be built. (True/False)

Ques 3- Computer personnel require special training. (True/False)

Ques 4- Volume represents how often data is needed and received from the computer. (True/False)

Ques 5- Computer can suffer from fatigue and boredom. (True/False)

Ques 6- Computer programs receive little or no testing before they are accepted and regularly run on the computer. (True/False)

Ques 7- Microsoft Windows and  Microsoft Office are the same thing. (True/False)

Ques 8- There are 1024 Bits in a Byte. (True/False)

Ques 9- Most computer related errors are the result of improperly prepared data. (True/False)

Ques 10- The efficiency of the computer provides management with tighter control over a business. (True/False)

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All CCC Previous Year Question Answers / Solved Sample Papers / Practice Sets / Model Test Papers

Ques 11- Instructions given in a program do not define any actions for the computer. (True/False)

Ques 12- All data processing systems must provide for the input, processing and output of data. (True/False)

Ques 13- Excel will not regard the entry as text, if any numbers are included with text in the entry. (True/False)

Ques 14- Instead of typing in cell references, you can use the mouse click for Excel to enter the cell names into formulas for you. (True/False)

Ques 15- You can only select cells that are adjacent to each other. (True/False)

Ques 16- Dragging the mouse or holding the down the Shift Key while clicking with the mouse will only select cells that are adjacent to each other. (True/False)

Ques 17- E-mail is the most popular service of Internet. (True/False)

Ques 18- In the Internet address “[email protected]”, the domain name is cccexam. (True/False)

Ques 19- You can use e-mail to send messages but not file across the Internet. (True/False)

Ques 20- =SUM(Sheet2:Sheet12!B5) adds all the values contained in cell B5 on all the worksheets between the including Sheet 2 and Sheet 13. (True/False)

Ques 21- If one forgets to put the closing parenthesis in a formula and press [ENTER] key, Excel gives an error message. (True/False)

Ques 22- To display the current time the TIME() function can be used. (True/False)

Ques 23- 3-D charts have a category (x) axis a value (y) axis and a third (z) axis. (True/False)

Ques 24- Pie chart represent multiple series of data. (True/False)

Ques 25- Bubble chart can represent three variable on a two dimensional chart. (True/False)

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Ques 26- It is possible to undo the deletion of a sheet. (True/False)

Ques 27- PowerPoint is a graphic software. (True/False)

Ques 28- Each slide has placeholder for the title of the slide. (True/False)

Ques 29- Handouts are used for future reference. (True/False)

Ques 30- Outlines are used for future reference. (True/False)

Ques 31- You can view a presentation using one of the views provided by PowerPoint. (True/False)

Ques 32- Speaker notes cannot be used for future reference. (True/False)

Ques 33- Between PCs and Mac is not the platform of choice for graphic design and animation. (True/False)

Ques 34- The operating system is the program that manages the hardware of the computer system, including the CPU, memory, storage devices and input/output devices. (True/False)

Ques 35- The type of operating system software you use depends on your computer’s desktop. (True/False)

Ques 36- Super computers are the fastest and most expensive computers. (True/False)

Ques 37- The WWW is a spiderweb-like interconnection of millions of pieces of information located on computers around the world. (True/False)

Ques 38- Information on a desired topic on the web can be accessed dynamically just by clicking on the relevant hyperlink. (True/False)

Ques 39- A document on WWW is called a website. (True/False)

Ques 40- The collection of web pages is called a website. (True/False)

Ques 41- HTML is a language used to create web pages. (True/False)

Ques 42- You can apply a color scheme to the current slide or to all slides in your presentation. (True/False)

Ques 43- 99 sales is a valid name for a cell or a range. (True/False)

Ques 44- PowerPoint allows you to differentiate your own animation effects. (True/False)

Ques 45- Internet is not a commercial information service. (True/False)

Ques 46- The network NSF net was later renamed as Internet. (True/False)

Ques 47- The IP address space is divided into classes five in all which are given letters A through E. (True/False)

Ques 48- In WORD the easiest way to resize a picture is by dragging its edges to match the size and shape you want. (True/False)

Ques 49- Mother-Board is also known as System Board. (True/False)

Ques 50- USB Stands for Union Serial Bus. (True/False)

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