Download CCC Previous Year True / False Question Answer Paper PDF Set-S

CCC Previous Year Question Paper (True/False) Set-S: Here we comes with another CCC Solved True / False Question Paper under the CCC study material. Beleive or not, once you go through with all the CCC practice sets published here, you can easily be able to crack the CCC exam at your’s first attempt. Best of luck in advance.

download ccc previous year true false question answer paper pdf
Download CCC T/F Question Paper Set-S

Download CCC Solved Question Paper (True/False) SET-S in PDF Format

Ques 1. The power of PC is directly proportional to its physical size. (True / False)

Ques 2. CPU is the brain of any computer system. (True / False)

Ques 3. The personal who deals with the computer and its management put together are called human ware. (True / False)

Ques 4. Computer is an electronic device. (True / False)

Ques 5. A group of Magnetic tapes,a videos for terminal usually under the control of one master is cluster. (True / False)

Ques 6. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of the micro computer is known as address bus. (True / False)

Ques 7. Intel company has designed first micro processor in 1971. (True / False)

Ques 8. Press F4 to display the items in the active list. (True / False)

Ques 9. ALU is used for calculating and comparing in computer. (True / False)

Ques 10. Word template does not include style formatting. (True / False)

Ques 11. TB stands for Tango byte. (True / False)

Ques 12. To move the beginning of a line of text, press the end key. (True / False)

Ques 13. Computer cannot understand the binary language. (True / False)

Ques 14. 1TB is equal to 1024 MB. (True / False)

Ques 15. Debugging is the process of finding errors in software code. (True / False)

Ques 16. Internet is the example of connectivity. (True / False)

Ques 17. Motherboard is also known as system board. (True / False)

Ques 18. Toggle case option will change all upper case letters to lowercase letter and vice- versa. (True / False)

Ques 19. Hard disk is a main memory. (True / False)

Ques 20. KB stands for Kilo bit. (True / False)

ccc question papers in pdf format
Download CCC Question Papers (PDF)

Ques 21. .Doc is the extension of MS Excel. (True / False)

Ques 22. RAM is a temporary memory. (True / False)

Ques 23. Audio output devices can output only music. (True / False)

Ques 24. 16 bit CPU on process 2 bytes at a time. (True / False)

Ques 25. Hard disk can have more than two heads. (True / False)

Ques 26. The machine languages of all computers are identical. (True / False)

Ques 27. The cell / range names are case-sensitive. (True / False)

Ques 28. FTP moves file between devices. (True / False)

Ques 29. SMTP is associated with electronic mail. (True / False)

Ques 30. The auto content Wizard creates the structure and contents based on the choices you make. (True / False)

Ques 31. An animation effect appears in the standard toolbar. (True / False)

Ques 32. You can also select a column by holding down the alt key and clicking anywhere in the column. (True / False)

Ques 33. Super computers are used for weather forecasting application. (True / False)

Ques 34. The floating text (text not associated with object in the chart) cannot be moved in the chart. (True / False)

Ques 35. The easiest way to keep track of reviewed documents is to sent them for review using an Email application other than Microsoft Outlook. (True / False)

Ques 36. You can apply sound effects to animation and apply more than one animation effect to an object or text. (True / False)

Ques 37. Application service layer supports the interfaces to the user applications. (True / False)

Ques 38. You can swap over the functionality of the left and right mouse buttons. (True / False)

Ques 39. Paint brush belongs to accessories group. (True / False)

Ques 40. You can program an element to disappear after its animation occurs. (True / False)

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CCC Free Online Demo Test / Practice Test.

Ques 41. The styles of changing slides are called transition effects. (True / False)

Ques 42. Words includes a number of auto correct entries. We can use these entries but cannot modify them. (True / False)

Ques 43. In Star topology, any node can communicate with any other node directly. (True / False)

Ques 44. All web address start with http:// (True / False)

Ques 45. Main memory is a software component. (True / False)

Ques 46. “To select an entire document in word, move the pointer to the left of any document text until it changes to ag right- pointing arrow and then double click.” (True / False)

Ques 47. Courier is a font. (True / False)

Ques 48. Primary memory has higher storage capacity than secondary memory. (True / False)

Ques 49. Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device. (True / False)

Ques 50. Super computer is a symbol of fifth generation computer. (True / False)

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