Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Name / Age / BoyFriend in Viral Video Latest News

Last Night we receive the Controversial “Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Viral Video” at one of our social media profile. To tell you the truth, we were completely shocked after watching the actions and expressions shown in the viral video, by the showcased 4 girls with the official “isme tera ghata” song’s audio in the viral video’s background. INDIA is changing very rapidly and we (everybody) are proud of that, but we never had imagined or dreamed that the population (specially these 4 teen age girls) will compromise with their traditional values for the sake of progress. On the previous occasion last year, when a Malayalam Actress “Priya Prakash Varrier”  stopped the whole of INDIA and crowned as a top searched Internet Sensation, by just passing a WINK, actually it was acceptable by all means as their is no vulgarity anywhere. In the case of “Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls viral video”, you can easily notice the vulgarity at the first look of this viral video, started spreading from

Important: We very well understand that we don’t have any right to judge anybody or their actions. The views published above are purely personal. We are sorry, if anybody’s feelings got effected by the published views about “Isme Tera Ghata” Viral Video on different social media platforms.

isme tera ghata viral video 4 girls name age city boyfriend latest news
Isme Tera Ghata Viral Video by 4 Girls Latest News.

Isme Tera Ghata, Mera Kuch Nahi Jata / इसमें तेरा घाटा, मेरा कुछ नहीं जाता 4 Girls Viral Video Download Now Link.

Although we have a complete copy of the tera ghata – mera kuch nahi jata 4 girls viral video, but due to our policy about not sharing any inappropriate stuff with our reader, we would be unable to provide the direct download link for isme mera ghata, tera kuch nahi jata viral video of 4 girls. In case, you are above the legal age to watch this type of stuff, you can anytime google search this string to watch इसमें तेरा घाटा, मेरा कुछ नहीं जाता 4 Girls Viral Video.

Isme Tera Ghata, Mera Kuch Nahi Jata / इसमें तेरा घाटा, मेरा कुछ नहीं जाता Song / Singer / Album / Movie Details.

The song “Isme Tera Ghata – इसमें तेरा घाटा” has been released on 18th May under the album name “From Lost To Found”, produced by Vikram Singh. Gajendra Verma, the playback singer for the song “Isme Tera Ghata” is a well established music director and lyricist too. The song Isme Tera Ghata got 99 million views on its release date at YOUTUBE. We cannot confirm, if the song is planned to get included in any Bollywood movie in the coming days.

What is the Meaning of Isme Tera Ghata, Mera Kuch Nahi Jata / इसमें तेरा घाटा, मेरा कुछ नहीं जाता in the Viral Video / Song.

In context of the Isme Tera Ghata Song, इसमें तेरा घाटा, मेरा कुछ नहीं जाता means-

  • Isme – इसमें – (in this matter).
  • Tera – तेरा – (Your’s).
  • Ghaata – घाटा – (Loss).
  • Mere – मेरा – (Mine).
  • Kuch nahi – कुछ नहीं – (Nothing).
  • Jaata – जाता – (Gone / Lost).

In simple words, the song is showcasing that the Female character has refused or broken the love relation with the Male character, and now the refused person is explaining, that in this matter, it’s totally her loss, not his.

Isme Tera Ghata Viral Video 4 Girls Name / Age / Lifestyle / Boyfriend / Wiki.

Believe or not, when you try to Google “Isme Tera Ghata” song, it automatically suggest you to input “Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Name in Viral Video”. People are curious to know the name of the 4 girls, who had acted and shown Foppish actions / moves in the tera ghata viral video. Actually, we are little confused if there’s any specific known reason about people’s curiosity to know Viral Isme Tera Ghata Video Girl’s Name. Well, we are back to our working desks and made a serious research to investigate every possible information about all 4 Isme Tera Ghata Video Girls, especially the main lead girl (in red dress) standing in the front of tera ghata viral video.

Tera Ghata, Mera Kuch Nahi Jata Viral Video main lead girl (red dress) name.

Onaiza Rana (Red Top Girl in the Front of Viral Video).

Onaiza Rana Facebook Account / Profile.

At this moment, Confirmed Onaiza Rana’s Facebook profile link is not available. Once, we get any confirmed confirmation, the same will be updated here without any delay.

Onaiza Rana Twitter Account / Handle.

We are Sorry, Confirmed Onaiza Rana’s Twitter profile link is not available or recognisable. Once, we get any information from the reputed sources, the same will be updated here without a single second delay.

Onaiza Rana Official Instagram Account / Profile.

@OnaizaRana (100% Confirmed)

Onaiza Rana Age.

24 Yrs (Confirmed by many sources, we still have some doubts).

Onaiza Rana City.

Delhi (95% Confirmed).

Onaiza Rana LifeStyle / BoyFriend Name.

These are actually the second level non-sense questions. The giant of Wiki’s (WikiPedia) is still in process to collect and publish any real information about Onaiza Rana, how can we or anybody win the race against them 🙂 .

Isme Tera Ghata Viral Video 4 Girls got Arrested by Police Latest News.

First of all, we want to let you know that the above statement is a pure HOAX. On several occasions in our previous post, we had shown the ability of Indian population to spread any type of HOAX. They don’t care about confirming the statement prior to spread on their social media profiles. The so called “Isme Tera Ghata Viral Video 4 Girls got Arrested by Police” statement is again the victim of the “HOAX spreading habit” of the Indian Population. We the Indians, very badly needs to change the way we use social media, otherwise … there will be an extreme confusion between the real and fake statements. Come on INDIA, Let’s do it … Please stop spreading the HOAX / Fake News.

Isme Tera Ghata Viral Video 4 Girls High / Supreme Court Judgement Latest News.

This is another HOAX regulated by some business minded freaks of the Indian population. The main culprits for this act are some top rated YouTubers, who always waits for any controversy to happen and collect some rapid view and subscribers to their YouTube channel. Under the same category, there are many more sub HOAX like-

isme tera ghata 4 girls viral video hoax fake news on youtube
Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Viral Video HOAX / Fake News.
  • Tera Ghata – Mera Kuch Nahi Jata Viral Video 4 Girls agreed for a Surcharge of Rs 1 Lakh 🙂 To whom ? Nobody Knows 🙂 .
  • The brother of one of the Tera Ghata Viral Video girl commit suicide as of taunting from the local community.
  • Tera Ghata, Mera Kuch Nahi Jata 4 Girls were Crying, when taken to the Tihar Jail 🙂 . Tihar Jail ? in which crime 🙂 .
  • 1 Tera Ghata Viral Video Girl out of the 4, died yesterday in police custody. 🙂 Oh My GOD, the people are breaking all limits while spreading the HOAX for their benefits.

Public Opinion about Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Viral Video.

There is mixed type of opinion from the community after watching Tera Ghata 4 Girls Viral Video. Actually we can divide this into sections-

  1. Teenagers – This category had enjoyed and appreciated Tera Ghata Viral 4 Girls Video, individuals under this category are just interested to know the name of all showcased girls in Tera Ghata Viral Video. Like, Bhai koi lal dress wali ladki ka naam btado 🙂 .
  2. Young – Middle Age – There is a TIE for opinions under this category, some are showing their hatred, some are supporting & justifying all Tera Ghata Viral Video 4 girls, and the left are abusing these girls.
  3. Old – Age – This category is feeling worried about the Indian traditions and future of the women’s in INDIA. Some old age lads, are blaming the Government for all these happenings 🙂 , another JOKE of the day 🙂 .
  4. Teenage Girls / Women’s – This category is confused about throwing their views and become precautionary. We haven’t seen any lady supporting or criticising the Tera Ghata Viral Vidoe instance.  In fact, they just need to know, if the males were involved in such an instance, would it got this much HYPE and attention. They actually wants to indicate the discrimination of women’s rights.

Final Notes-

The Isme Tera Ghata 4 Girls Viral Video is still available on all major social media platforms including,, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (channel – “Onaiza Rana”). This instance has invented a new top trending social media hashtag, #OnaizaRana. The WhatsApp mobile app is mainly responsible for making this video viral. Many reputed sources over the Internet is claiming that, the official Tera Ghata Album Video wouldn’t have collected this much attention, if these 4 girls haven’t done their silly work. The Tera Ghata 4 Girls Viral Video has already left “Chai Pi Lo Aunty” Viral video behind in the popularity charts. Time will tell, if there’s another video somewhere, waiting to get viral 🙂 .

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First time while publishing any content, we wants to request our readers about not sharing this stuff anywhere 🙂 . Over to you now, please do comment your view about this instance, and guide the community to make this planet a better place for living. Thanks for visiting a2z infomatics, we will be back with many more interesting stuff like this one 🙂 .

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