Download CCC Previous Year True / False Question Answer Paper PDF Set-P

CCC Question Paper (True/False) Set-P: Here we comes with another addition to the CCC study material for the students, who are preparing for their CCC exam. Beleive or not, once you go through with all the CCC practice sets published here, you can easily be able to crack the CCC exam at your’s first attempt. Best of luck in advance.

download ccc previous year true false question answer paper pdf
Download CCC T/F Question Paper Set-P

Download CCC Online Exam Solved Question Paper (True/False) SET-P in PDF Format

Note: There are total 50 questions in this CCC True / False Question Answer Previous Year Paper (SET-P), whose answers have been marked BOLD in RED Color.

Ques 1. The FTP protocol is used to transfer , access and manage files. (True / False)

Ques 2. Netscape messenger is the email cilent packaged with Netscape communicator 4.0. (True / False)

Ques 3. Banned width allows multiple users to transmit over the same wireless channel using spread spectrum. (True / False)

Ques 4. VDU stands for very dull unit. (True / False)

Ques 5. MIB is used in SMTP. (True / False)

Ques 6. Styles can be used to generate a table of contents quickly in word. (True / False)

Ques 7. 3-D charts have a category (X) axis a value (Y) axis and a third (Z) axis. (True / False)

Ques 8. FTP serves stores files that you can transfer to or from your computer if you have an FTP cilent. (True / False)

Ques 9. The protocol used to transfer HTML Pages is called hyperlink. (True / False)

Ques 10. CD-ROM Stores larger volume of information as compared to Floppy disk and hard disk. (True / False)

Ques 11. Fetching of an instruction for execution is done by the control unit. (True / False)

Ques 12. In excel, pressing Ctrl + Spacebar select the entire row. (True / False)

Ques 13. In excel, Standard width of a column is 18.43. (True / False)

Ques 14. HTML files a text files only. (True / False)

Ques 15. The favourite feature of Internet Explorer allows you to save the URLs of web pages you visit frequently. (True / False)

Ques 16. To insert the copyright symbol, press alt + Ctrl+ C Key combination. (True / False)

Ques 17. ARP is an internet protocol used to map an IT address to MAC address. (True / False)

Ques 18. STP allows you to upload and download files over the internet. (True / False)

Ques 19. A web is a program that your computer runs to communicate with web servers on the internet. (True / False)

Ques 20. A search engine is a specialised web site that helps you find web pages containing desired information. (True / False)

Ques 21. The act of exploring web is known as surfing. (True / False)

Ques 22. A set of rules is known as protocol. (True / False)

Ques 23. You can search for a file in windows even if you know only part of the file name. (True / False)

Ques 24. IP address is given to every computer for it’s unique identification. (True / False)

Ques 25. ISP is a Company that provides an internet connection. (True / False)

ccc question papers in pdf format

Ques 26. Hypertext Enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a non – linear way based on what you want to know next. (True / False)

Ques 27. A smart terminal has inbuilt processing capability. (True / False)

Ques 28. An online text based communication between internet users is called as Chat. (True / False)

Ques 29. Data transfer rate of LAN as compared to WAN is high. (True / False)

Ques 30. Ring topology provides equal access for all computers. (True / False)

Ques 31. Email can be used to send broadcast messages, but only within your own company. (True / False)

Ques 32. Mesh topology is not expensive to install. (True / False)

Ques 33. You can have different header and footer on each sheet of a workbook. (True / False)

Ques 34. Full form of PSTN is public switched telephone network. (True / False)

Ques 35. Chat rooms are actual rooms where chat sessions takes place. (True / False)

Ques 36. Telephone network is a multicast network. (True / False)

Ques 37. The data to be drawn as a chart cannot be selected after the chart wizard is started. (True / False)

Ques 38. POP is also called Post office protocol. (True / False)

Ques 39. Transmission control protocol is communication oriented protocol in the internet and works with the underlying protocol IP. (True / False)

Ques 40. Bus topology uses economical cable. (True / False)

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Ques 41. The size of computer is small in second generation of computers. (True / False)

Ques 42. Dial up connection is always better than leased line. (True / False)

Ques 43. The internet is based on IP datagram. (True / False)

Ques 44. Usenet and internet is the same thing. (True / False)

Ques 45. At a time u can open as many as word documents as you taskbar can display. (True / False)

Ques 46. To type Superscript in word we use Ctrl + Shift + = . (True / False)

Ques 47. It is always possible to shrink a document to one page. (True / False)

Ques 48. Microcomputer is called Micro because it consist of Micro – Processor. (True / False)

Ques 49. In Word, a new column inserted in a table retains the format of the column next to which it is inserted. (True / False)

Ques 50. You cannot use different page numbering styles in different section of your document. (True / False)

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