Download CCC Previous Year True / False Question Answer Paper PDF Set-Q

CCC Question Paper (True/False) Set-Q: Here we comes with another addition to the CCC study material for the students, preparing for their CCC examination. Beleive or not, once you go through with all the CCC practice sets published here, you can easily be able to crack the CCC exam at your’s first attempt. Best of luck in advance.

download ccc previous year true false question answer paper pdf
Download CCC T/F Question Paper Set-Q

Download CCC Online Exam Solved Question Paper (True/False) SET-Q in PDF Format

Ques 1. Digital computers is not the classification of computers based on application. (True / False)

Ques 2. Direct connection allow the highest bandwidth among all connection types. (True / False)

Ques 3. RW/RAM is the type of memory for information that does not change on your computer. (True / False)

Ques 4. A repair for a known software bug, usually available at no charge on the internet, is called a rectifire. (True / False)

Ques 5. Ctrl + W is the shortcut key to close an active tab of a browser. (True / False)

Ques 6. In the email address [email protected],”bow-els” is password. (True / False)

Ques 7. ROM stands Random Access Memory. (True / False)

Ques 8. Keyboard, mouse and scanner are output devices. (True / False)

Ques 9. Caps lock key helps you in typing letters in uppercase. (True / False)

Ques 10. Application software act as an interface between operating system and hardware. (True / False)

Ques 11. The set of program necessary to carry out operations for a specified job is called hardware. (True / False)

Ques 12. Monitor, printer and speaker are input devices. (True / False)

Ques 13. Diagnostic software call the programs that are used to find out possible faults. (True / False)

Ques 14. Entertainment is type of software. (True / False)

Ques 15. If a memory chip can store 100 KB, it can hold approximately 100, 000 bytes. (True / False)

Ques 16. Unwanted, unsolicited junk email sent to a large number of recipe and is not called spam. (True / False)

Ques 17. Bounced emails always result in messages being sent back to the sender. (True / False)

Ques 18. The process of sending the same email message to multiple recipients is not called broadcast. (True / False)

Ques 19. You can print a PowerPoint presentation in landscape mode only. (True / False)

Ques 20. XY is a type of chart you can insert in your PowerPoint slide. (True / False)

Ques 21. One can rename a PowerPoint file when the file is open. (True / False)

Ques 22. Alt + ctrl + H key combination is used to highlight sentence in a word. (True / False)

Ques 23. From a photo album data source, you can import information to PowerPoint presentation. (True / False)

Ques 24. Objects on a PowerPoint slide that hold text are called placeholders. (True / False)

Ques 25. PDA stands for personal digital assistant. (True / False)

ccc question papers in pdf format
Download CCC Question Papers (PDF)

Ques 26. PANs for private area networks. (True / False)

Ques 27. In a client/ server model, a client program ask for information. (True / False)

Ques 28. The main objective to form a network network is to share data and resources. (True / False)

Ques 29. In face- to- face communication between two people, the three components are the user, receiver and communication channel. (True / False)

Ques 30. VSNL stands for Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited. (True / False)

Ques 31. When you copy a formula in Excel, relative cell reference do not change. (True / False)

Ques 32. The size of a table object is dependent on the amount of text with in the table. (True / False)

Ques 33. A Gateway is a device that connects to dissimilar networks. (True / False)

Ques 34. You can program element to disappear after its animation of occurs. (True / False)

Ques 35. The internet and the world wide web are the same. (True / False)

Ques 36. A separate printer is necessary to be attached to the computer of each employee to take the printout of documents. (True / False)

Ques 37. The clients of the organisation are able to view the data related to the organisation and its employees. (True / False)

Ques 38. Bytes per second is the unit used to measure the data which is transmitted through modem. (True / False)

Ques 39. Web browser refers to a software application that allows you to interact with the information on the www. (True / False)

Ques 40. Data is defined as the data that is processed and represents it in a useful manner to the user. (True / False)

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CCC Free Online Demo Test / Practice Test.

Ques 41. A computer that is not connected to a network is called as standalone computer. (True / False)

Ques 42. Multiple not adjacent ranges can be selected in Excel. (True / False)

Ques 43. Pressing home moves the active cell to column a of the current row. (True / False)

Ques 44. Pressing shift + space bar selects the entire column. (True / False)

Ques 45. You cannot move or copy sheets from one workbook to another. (True / False)

Ques 46. Ctrl + End Moves the last cell containing contents in the worksheet in Excel. (True / False)

Ques 47. Excel cannot insert multiple rows in its sheet. (True / False)

Ques 48. You can add a new sheet to the workbook by using worksheet command on the insert menu. The new work sheet is inserted in the front of the current sheet. (True / False)

Ques 49.Microsoft Excel ignores manual page breaks when you use the fit to option of the page setup. (True / False)

Ques 50. If required,a hidden slide can also be shown during a slide show. (True / False)

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