Download CCC Previous Year True / False Question Answer Paper PDF Set-R

CCC Old Question Paper (True/False) Set-R: Here we comes with another addition to the CCC study material for the students, preparing for their CCC examination. Beleive or not, once you go through with all the CCC practice sets published here, you can easily be able to crack the CCC exam at your’s first attempt. Best of luck in advance.

download ccc previous year true false question answer paper pdf
Download CCC T/F Question Paper Set-R

Download CCC Online Exam Solved Question Paper (True/False) SET-R in PDF Format

Ques 1. Linux was introduced by Linux torvalds in 1991. (True / False)

Ques 2. Press Window Logo +M key for minimize all open screen. (True / False)

Ques 3. Peripheral is an external device connected to the computer, such as input and output devices and external storage devices. (True / False)

Ques 4. With a hyperlink you can link MS- Excel worksheet data to a word document. (True / False)

Ques 5. In word Ctrl + shift to select or unselect one word to the right. (True / False)

Ques 6. To maximize or restore a selected window press ctrl + F10. (True / False)

Ques 7. Computers process data into information by working exclusively with numbers. (True / False)

Ques 8. The design of the network is called the network transmission. (True / False)

Ques 9. To select multiple cells, drag across the cell or select a single cell and then hold down SHIFT while you click another cell. (True / False)

Ques 10. It uses pictures (called icons) and menus displayed on the screen to send commands to the computer system. This is called command base user interface. (True / False)

Ques 11. The default top and bottom margin are .75 and .75 respectively. (True / False)

Ques 12. Dial- up is not a type of broadband internet connection. (True / False)

Ques 13. An I icon desktop that represents a temporary holding place for files that are deleted is called as recycle bin. (True / False)

Ques 14. A series of specially designed documents, all linked together to be viewed on the internet is World Wide Web. (True / False)

Ques 15. The tabs appearing below at the bottom on the worksheet carry the default labelling of Sheet1, Sheet2,Sheet3 etc. These tabs cannot be renamed. (True / False)

Ques 16. Each computer connected to the internet must have a unique IP address. (True / False)

Ques 17. The autosum button on the standard toolbar automatically creates a formula to total rows and columns. (True / False)

Ques 18. The autostyle menu on the drawing toolbar contains several categories of shapes that can be inserted into a word document. (True / False)

Ques 19. In Microsoft word – Ctrl + I will colour the selected text as Indigo and ctrl + b will make it blue. (True / False)

Ques 20. A4 paper(210x297mm) its with 10.83 inch and height 7.5 inch in landscape orientation. (True / False)

Ques 21. All modern computer use the Binary number system. (True / False)

Ques 22. The main difference between supercomputer and a mainframe is that supercomputers are designed to execute a few programs as quickly as possible, whereas mainframes are designed to handle many programs running at the same time( but at a slower pace). (True / False)

Ques 23. Online documents containing underlined phrases or icons that a user can click in order to move immediately to related parts of the current document or to other documents with related information is called hyperlink. (True / False)

Ques 24. Hackers break into other people’s computers. (True / False)

Ques 25. A laser mouse consists of two necessary components light emitter and light detector. (True / False)

ccc question papers in pdf format
Download CCC Question Papers (PDF)

Ques 26. The default settings are automatic and standard. (True / False)

Ques 27. The single that a computer is waiting for a command from the user is prompt. (True / False)

Ques 28. You can keep your personal files/ folders in my documents. (True / False)

Ques 29. F1 to F12 key across the top of the keyboard are called function keys. (True / False)

Ques 30. Cells are named by their positions either by rows or columns. (True / False)

Ques 31. Word allows you to convert from table format to text format. (True / False)

Ques 32. A DVD is an example of an optical disc. (True / False)

Ques 33. Telnet provides remote access to files. (True / False)

Ques 34. ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. (True / False)

Ques 35. By default, tables do not have borders that will be printed. (True / False)

Ques 36. Multimedia presentation can be non linear (interactive) or linear (passive). (True / False)

Ques 37. Computers also provide the facility of dividing the main memory into words are bytes. (True / False)

Ques 38. A web browser is a special device that is in stalled in your computer that allows it to communicate with other devices on a network. (True / False)

Ques 39. With a wireless network, it is easier to to relocate devices. (True / False)

Ques 40. A term related to sending data to a satellite is downlink. (True / False)

ccc online demo practice test
CCC Free Online Demo Test / Practice Test.

Ques 41. To format a data in the default date format, press Ctrl + #keys together in worksheet. (True / False)

Ques 42. MICR technology is used by bank for faster processing of large volume of cheques. (True / False)

Ques 43. DNS provides mapping of IP with domain name. (True / False)

Ques 44. VDU can be used both as an input and output devices. (True / False)

Ques 45. A serial port is primarily used to connect printers to a computer. (True / False)

Ques 46. Worm is known as network virus. (True / False)

Ques 47. A spreadsheet package is a numeric data analysis tool which allows us to create a kind of computerised ledger. (True / False)

Ques 48. Ray Tomlinson introduce E-mail. (True / False)

Ques 49. To send e-mail to a large group at one time, a mail server can be used. (True / False)

Ques 50. The E-Commerce domain that involves business activity initiated by the consumer and targeted to businesses is known as business to consumer. (True / False)

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